January 2023
Time-Honored Traditions Issue 

Rituals To Evoke Transformation Within

Over the last few weeks, we’ve come together for our Wellcoming.2023 series and embraced restorative movement, intuitive eating, therapeutic massage, ancient medicine, mindful habits, and more. And this weekend, we will add another practice -- cardiovascular fitness -- thanks to our partnership with STRIDE Lawrenceville. 


It just goes to show that when we show up with open hearts and minds — alongside a supportive community of women — powerful things happen. Grounding ourselves in traditional practices allows us to move forward and let go of feelings, beliefs, and roadblocks holding us back.   

To bolster our Wellcoming.2023 series, we’re partnering with Salon member and herbalist Wanda Petersen to offer Sweat Lodge and Women’s Full Moon ceremonies that honor Indigenous rituals. Our hope is we’ll create connections rooted in trust and unearth a more authentic sense of self.

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What To Expect From Our Women’s Ceremonies 

Join us at Wanda’s home for a women’s purification Sweat Lodge ceremony on February 5 and a Women’s Full Moon Circle on March 5. Here’s what you can expect. 


Women’s Sweat Lodge

This ceremonial ritual leverages the essential elements of earth, water, fire, and air to create a cleansing experience. During the ceremony, hot stones are heated in a fire and are brought into an entirely dark, covered dome-like structure. Predominantly based on Lakota tradition, the inipi, the ceremony will also honor traditions from tribes throughout the Americas. After the ceremony, we will replenish our bodies with a nourishing potluck.


Women’s Full Moon Ceremony

In this ceremony, we’ll gather in a Tipi to honor the moon's energy. With the help of traditional elements, we’ll engage in a talking circle, sing songs, and offer prayers. It is a great time to share quality time with other women, listen to each other, and exchange life experiences. After the ceremony, we will enjoy a potluck meal together.


We spoke with Wanda for more insight into what participants may experience during the ceremonies, why it’s important to preserve the traditional rituals of our ancestors, and how these gatherings can create a stronger, more resilient community among women.

Can you explain what a sweat lodge is and its benefits?


My husband and I have been doing Native American ceremonies for about 25 years and we have a sweat lodge on our property. The sweat lodge, in particular, is a purification ceremony not only for the physical body, but for the emotional, mental, and spiritual parts of us, too. 


As we go through the ceremony, some people feel changes or a release in different ways, others may not feel significant changes until they’ve done a sweat lodge a few times. Everyone’s experience is unique.  


It’s also very safe — we’ve had individuals ranging in age from seven-day-old babies to 70-year-old elders participate. And, of course, you can leave at any time.


How will the Women’s Circle be similar or different?


The Women’s Circle is not as intense in terms of the physical aspect. We have a fire in the Tipi, but you’ll still want to wear layers in case the temperature changes with how the fire is going. But it’s more of a talking circle — there’s a lot of sharing. 


The Women’s Circle is a space that we don’t really have in our society anymore. So that was my idea, to have this opportunity for women to connect and understand that we all go through the same things. We’re not alone. 


What do you hope these events will impart to participants? 


It’s always good to go through some purification in terms of the sweat lodge. But when you do an activity like the sweat lodge or women’s circle, there’s a deep connection that is created. For the members of The Salon, it will be great to get to know each other a little more, which will also help with how we work together in the future. 


I’m very into women working with women. I really love that concept and that’s what I promote a lot in my women’s gathering — how we can support each other. 

Register for the Sweat Lodge here!
Register for the Women’s Circle here!


Be Well In Mind, Body, & Spirit // We’re partnering with local women to promote holistic well-being in 2023. Join us on the journey with the below series package. 


FLOURISHING FEMME: Pick 5 of your favorite classes in the Women Be Well series with Sneha. . Bonus gift: Receive a discount code for $25 off your next wellness service at Sneha. Salon members receive $50 off the original $200 package price with discount code SALONBWELLSign up here!

Bonus gift: Receive a discount code for $25 off your next wellness service at Sneha.

We believe in women supporting women and we’d rather not do it alone!

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Mon, 23, 30 & February 6, 13, 20
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Welcome 2023 with us as we embark on a 6-week journey focused on building healthy habits that we can stick to. Led by Salon member, holistic health coach, and yoga instructor Becca Jones, each week will focus on a different wellness topic — nutrition, movement, mental health, sleep, and more — to help you create an integrated plan for building the life you want. Register here

STRIDE x Salon Workout 

Sunday, January 22


STRIDE Fitness Studio 


Walk, run, and sweat your way to an awesome workout with the STRIDE community in Lawrenceville. We’ll lace up our sneakers and learn the basics during a fun yet challenging class focused on strengthening both your body and mind. Don’t worry — no one will be left behind. We’ll start together and end together with sweaty high-fives and a sense of accomplishment. Register here! 

Meditation & Yoga for Mental Health & Trauma Recovery

(Part of our Women Be Well Series)

Thurs, February 2

6-8 pm 

Sneha Yoga & Wellness 


The importance of mental health to our well-being is finally being given its due as anxiety, depression, and stress have skyrocketed in the collective consciousness since 2020.  Let’s explore mental health without the stigma and discover some tools that have been proven to reduce stress and trauma and heighten our well-being. Register here!

Salon Book Circle

Mon, February 6

7-8 pm

In The Salon 


This month, we’ll be turning the pages of Less Is Lost, the sequel to the Pulitzer Prize-winning romantic comedy, Less. Join us to talk about critical themes and plot points, listen to others’ thoughts, and share our own impressions and opinions. No worries if you don’t finish the book or haven’t been part of the Book Circle until now — you can jump in anytime. Register here!


Monthly Member Coffee

Tues, February 7

9-10 am

In The Salon 


Start your day with a pick-me-up and conversation. Drop in to The Salon to hang out with (and meet!) fellow Salon members, warm up with complimentary coffee or tea, and generally have a good time. It’s a great way to get a feel for The Salon and connect with local women. Oh, and don’t hesitate to bring a friend along. Open and free to all. Register here!



Honor MLK Day today and tomorrow at the 25th annual Racial Justice Summit at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. ❤️The event will focus on dismantling white supremacy through educational workshops, panel discussions, and wellness sessions. 👏


Save the date for March 26, when the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank will be holding its Empty Bowls Dinner benefitting the nonprofit and Just Harvest Pittsburgh. 😋Expect local chef-created soups, tasty breads, and scrumptious treats.🥖


Commemorate the Lunar New Year at the Year of the Rabbit Art Show and AAPI Celebration Opening Reception at Radiant Hall in McKees Rocks on February 3. 🏮Bring the family and enjoy AAPI spoken word performances and an open mic. 🥳

January 2023
Time-Honored Tradition Issue 


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