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Developer Newsletter 007

Hi everyone and welcome to the December 2020 edition of the newsletter! In this issue, you can read about how we use Blender, get updates on open source releases, and see some great community contributions.

New to the newsletter? Welcome! I'm Sonia, an intern on the Developer Relations & Ecosystem team here at Embark. Every now and then I'll send you a summary of what Embark's been up to in open source and the greater developer ecosystem.

Let me know what you think! You can send feedback about the newsletter or questions to


Blog post: Using Blender in Game Dev

To celebrate our renewed sponsorship of the Blender development fund, senior character artist Daniel Bystedt gave a peek into how we use Blender in production game dev. 

Blog post: Embark's Continued Journey

Embark’s CEO posted an update on each of our projects, including our second game title and our creative platform.
Open Source

rust-gpu 0.2 and Rust shaders on the web 

Embarker XAMPPRocky shared the second official release of rust-gpu, our project to make Rust a first-class language for GPU code. It featured some great shaders written in Rust by the community!

The post also announced support for Rust in SHADERed, an open-source shader IDE, both as a plugin and in SHADERed Lite, a browser editor. You can now write Rust shaders in your browser!

You can read the 0.2 release post on GitHub.

New project: tryhard 💫

We recently published a new crate called tryhard. It’s a little utility for retrying Rust futures in case they fail. It is designed to be easy to use yet provide full control to those who need it. We’re currently using tryhard in our backend services when making requests to external systems, some of which are occasionally flaky.

New project: spirv-tools-rs 🛠

We’ve published 2 new crates, spirv-tools and spirv-tools-sys, which wrap the existing C++ spirv-tools repository so that it can be used more easily from Rust. These crates are mainly meant to be used by our rust-gpu project, but if you need to assemble, validate, or optimize SPIR-V from Rust, these crates might help you!

Projects We ❤️: Parking Lot

At Embark, we believe in supporting the passionate, creative, and intelligent family of the whole Rust ecosystem.

This month, we want to highlight the project parking_lot, a compact and efficient synchronisation primitives for Rust. You can learn more about parking_lot by visiting it on GitHub.


Contributors of the Month

Like all things in life, it's the people that keep the project moving forward and alive along with the community of users. That's why we want to take the time to highlight the contributions, small and large, that developers like you add to our projects. 

This month, we're featuring the recent contributions of 3 developers to texture-synthesis, and our newest crate, rust-gpu, who had their pull requests merged!

Charles-r-earp (charles-r-earp)

Crate: rust-gpu
Decorated Entry Variable

Benjamin Bouvier (bnjbvr)

Crate: texture-synthesis
Supported progress for WASM

Christofer Nolander (nolanderc)

Crate: rust-gpu
Created all example windows 720p by default

Contribute to open source!

Embark maintains many open source projects, and all of them welcome new contributors!

You can see all our projects on and read our Contributor Guide for info on how to get started.

See Issues Labeled "Help Wanted"

We're always looking for new people to join our team in Stockholm! Here are just a few of our current openings.

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That's it for December! I'm looking forward to share more information about our upcoming open source projects 🤗. Let me know what you think of this newsletter by sending an email or reaching out on Twitter.

- Sonia
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