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Developer Newsletter 008

Hey there developer, welcome to the January 2021 edition of the newsletter! It's been quiet over the holiday season and we will be getting back into the regular swing of things going forward.

In this issue, we are going to talk about Tower with our own developer David Pedersen, highlight one of our sponsored projects, feature some of our fantastic community contributors, and more!

New to the newsletter? Welcome! I'm Sonia, an intern on the Developer Relations & Ecosystem team here at Embark. Every now and then I'll send you a summary of what Embark's been up to in open source and the greater developer ecosystem.

Let me know what you think! You can send feedback about the newsletter or questions to

Open Source

Rust crate: tower 🦀

Tower is a library for building reusable components for network servers and clients. It allows you to implement things like timeouts, rate limiting, and load balancing in a protocol-agnostic and reusable way. At Embark, we're using Tower to bring best practices such as logging, metrics, and health checks to our network services. We've also been contributing to the ecosystem around Tower and have more things in the works.

However, due to its abstract nature Tower can be a bit hard to wrap your head around. If you're interested in a guided tour David recently did a live coding stream where he walked through building services and middle wares. The recording can be found here

New Crate: Relnotes 📓

We recently open-sourced Relnotes, a tool to automatically generate a file containing every merged pull request for a GitHub repository. It comes with a simple configuration file and powerful templating allowing you to easily create release notes in your preferred format and organisation.

Projects We ❤️: Amethyst

At Embark, we believe in supporting the passionate, creative, and growing family of the entire Rust ecosystem. We love sponsoring the people and projects that elevate the potential of Rust—making it more accessible, useful, and fun.

This month, we want to highlight the project Amethyst, a data-oriented and data-driven game engine written in Rust. If you want to support Amethyst, consider sponsoring them on Open Collective!


Contributors of the Month

Community is all about people, and we’re grateful to have you along with our journey. That's why we want to take the time to highlight the contributions, small and large, that developers like you add to our projects. 

This month, we're featuring the recent contributions of 2 developers to rust-gpu, who had their pull requests merged! Also, eddyb went from contributor to working with us full time on Rust GPU! 🎉

Jesse (DeanBDean)

Crate: rust-gpu
Fixed ICE from dangling pointer

Eduard-Mihai Burtescu (eddyb)

Crate: rust-gpu
Support inline asm!

Contribute to open source!

Embark maintains many open source projects, and all of them welcome new contributors!

You can see all our projects on and read our Contributor Guide for info on how to get started.

See Issues Labeled "Help Wanted"

We're always looking for new people to join our team in Stockholm! Here are just a few of our current openings. 

Senior Game Programmer - Gameplay/AI
Senior Gameplay Programmer - Physics Simulation
Data Scientist
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Join us on Discord!

Want to chat more about Rust, game dev, or Embark's open source projects?

We created a Discord where you can chat with Embark devs, open source contributors, and game dev or tech enthusiasts. It's also a great place to discuss things from our newsletter!

Join the community
That's it for January! I'm looking forward to sharing more about our open-source projects and our platform. Thanks for being part of our journey 🤗. Let me know what you think of this newsletter by sending an email or reaching out on Twitter.

- Sonia
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