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Our wonderful volunteers helped out with the North Coast Tri Club water safety last Friday night! Thank you so much for your help!


This weekend we have Pollock and Arthurs patrols rostered on for Saturday and Arbuckle and Shelton patrols on Sunday.

Just a reminder that parking at the north side of the courtyard is reserved for patrol permit holder only and anyone parking there will be fined by the City of Joondalup Rangers.


Many people are doing lots of things around the club, and I would like to say thanks. However, I would like to thank all the assessors and trainers for their excellent work so far.

I want to take this opportunity to write about Stephen Thomas and our training and assessing team and let everyone know what they do every season to keep current in what they train.

At the beginning of the season, they have to attend a trainer and assessor meeting run by Surf Lifesaving WA. Then attend other trainers and assessor meeting's run by Stephen Thomas and our club. At these meetings, Stephen has to take on board any changes done by Surf Lifesaving Australia and Surf Lifesaving Western Australia. Stephen then looks at the differences and works out what changes there are and how they affect Sorrento members and patrols. Stephen then calls the in-house meeting for the training and assessment team who get together and discuss and implement changes (some changes are not popular but need to happen) The trainers do their requal to become current within surf lifesaving, then take the course and do the club requals. Some trainers and assessors are also patrolling captains,vice-captains and patrolling members and do lots more things around the club.

Could I ask that when you do your requal or training course please take the time to say thanks for being there to help us and no, trainers and assessors DO NOT get paid for what they do around the club. 

Stephen Thomas - Education Officer 
Laurie Mott- Organised the Requals
Kim and Richard - Looking after the water and beach area.
Janie and Neil Rowse 
Julie Smallwood  
Simon Kanakis 
Eamon Ryan 
Colleen Blevins 
Paul Berry 
Jacqui Uglow 
Evan Bunford and the new team starting Shannon Miller, Lawson Rimmer, Declan Burke and Richard training the new jet ski team and organizing the requal's for the existing Jet Ski Drivers. 

I would like to say a big thanks to Ian Smallwood and Declan Burke for doing a in-depth requal with the IRB drivers.

Please forgive me as there as so many people to thank and I know that I will miss a lot of people but you know who you are THANK YOU from myself and the Board of Directors.

Garry Bunford 
Lifesaving Director 


Bronze and SRC requals finished!! That's it for another year.  Over 200 people requalled during November. A huge effort from our amazing trainers again. Thanks in particular to Laurie for coordinating everything and to Dick and Kim for being there pretty much every session. And to all the trainers who helped out. And Ian for running multiple IRB requals and then helping with the Bronze/SRC. All this while also running a Bronze course and an SRC course in November. We are lucky to have such an amazing group of trainers at Sorrento!!
Advanced Resuscitation.  More dates will be advised soon for ARTC requals.  Look out for these on facebook.  We will also be running a few ART courses soon.  Details TBA.  Thanks to Paul for already running 3 ART requal sessions in November (plus helping with the Bronze and SRC sessions!!.

Silent Auction 

Congrats to Loretta Waters for being the highest bidder for the Kevin Bloody Wilson pack! Thank you for your generous support!

Local comedian/musician Kevin Bloody Wilson has donated a “money can’t buy” prize pack – including tickets to his upcoming sold-out shows on Friday 4 December 2020 and signed merchandise.
We did a silent auction for the pack (valued at approx. $400) to raise funds for your club.

Prize Pack included
• 2 x Tickets to Kevin Bloody Wilson’s Christmas Show at
Crown Theatre
• 1 x signed poster
• 3 x Kevin Bloody Wilson Albums
• 1 x Kevin Bloody Wilson signed book
• 1 x Dilligaf hat
• 2 x Dilligaf stickers


Good luck to everyone racing for Sorrento at the Surf League this weekend.

Sorrento are hosting the Senior Carnival and Dash for Cash on the 12th December 2020. The club will pay all registration for eligible Sorrento members and teams to compete) so get on board and get your entries into Jess before Tuesday next week!

Youth Surf League Selection
It’s been a hectic start to Sorrento’s surf sports season; the new Iron Series kicked off at the very beginning of October and there is a new format for the Surf League with the introduction of the Youth Surf League.  In contrast to carnivals, athletes are selected for the Surf League teams which has naturally led to some questions about how this process works.
At Sorrento for team selection we follow the Athlete Selection Policy which is set out here:

At present the selection committee comprises the coaches and the competition director.
Surf Life Saving WA have introduced a new format this year with the requirement that within a team there are four female and four male competitors with a minimum of two U17 ski paddlers and a maximum of 4 U17 competitors. Teams may be combined with other clubs.

Sorrento, along with a number of other clubs has found the need for U17 ski paddlers to be a real challenge which has limited our ability to field more than one team. Our competition director is in regular communication with SLSWA to explore available options so more of our athletes are able to participate.
Some considerations for the two teams picked to date have been:
  • Filling U17 spots within the teams
  • Workload at event
  • Performance and attendance at training
  • Performance in Iron Series races and carnivals to date
  • Ability to fulfil different events on the program e.g. ski  / iron  board / iron
  • Offering development opportunities to different athletes 
Youth Surf League Team for Round 2 December 5 2021
Race leg Male Female
Swim Kai Belmont Abi Phillips
Board Cooper Burch Samantha Brigden
Sprint Brett Wainwright Zahra Buckley
Flags Brett Wainwright Zahra Buckley
Iron Cooper Burch Harriet Chin
Ocean Relay
Swim Kai Belmont Abi Phillips
Board Cooper Burch Samantha Brigden
Run Brett Wainwright Zahra Buckley
Please note race legs may be changed by the team managers on the day. Please address any queries about team selection  to Adrian Kirkpatrick not the coaches.
Selection for round 3 February 6 2021
We would love to be able to enter a second team for the next round if we possibly can subject to us being able to meet SLSWA requirements.
If you are keen to be considered for selection for the next round of Surf League firstly please advise Rhian Chin (Youth Competition Liaison) by emailing to express your interest – expressions of interest will be passed on the selection committee. (If you have already competed in rounds one and two you will be considered for selection unless you advise otherwise.)
Further considerations for selection for round 3 and subsequently in teams for state championships will be
  • Performance at carnivals
  • Participation and performance at club events e.g. Senior Presidents Marathon, Club Mile Swim 
  • Performance at club champs (for state champs teams)
If you are unsure do come down to North Scarborough for 8am on 5 December and you can see how it all works and cheer your team mates on as well!

Woodside Nippers

Thank you to our families that came along to our Junior Disco on Friday night. It looked like everyone that came had a great time! These events are put on for the enjoyment of our Nippers and can’t happen without a lot of volunteers.
Thank you to all parents who offered to help out special mentions to Kristy, Paula, Burchy, Ronnie and Adrian along with Amanda and the cafe staff for helping make the event go smoothly thanks to Anthony for putting in the orders and Kerry for getting helpers to look after the door super job everyone if I've missed anyone apologies! 
I’d like to thank the Pink and White cap age groups that moved to the marina for Sunday’s nippers session with very little notice the decision wasn’t made lightly but due to the beach volleyball tournament parking and space will of made it harder to provide an enjoyable session, again I apologies for any inconvenience caused and hopefully we don’t have any more clashes in the season going forward.
Well done to all the Nippers that headed to the Alkimos Development Carnival on Sunday. Brilliant job! I was given great feedback by event organizers on how our nippers showed great sportsmanship and competed the Sorrento way. Thanks to Burchy for towing the trailer with the club boards and tents and of course all our officials, water safety and age managers that looked after team green. Also thanks to those that came back to unload boards after the event. Super effort!
This Saturday our hard-working senior age managers and assistant age managers will be attending our club inservice. This gives us all the ability to provide education to our managers of all age groups from our coaches on how to teach and explain the fundamental basics in all our disciplines surf swimming, boards ,beach sprints and flags in our junior program. Thank you in advance for giving up more of your valuable time.
Sunday is our first club champs of the season. This is run for our Little Nippers and Nippers U8 to U13 I like to remind parents, the Club Champs are run for our Nippers to test themselves and to learn how to compete in a fair way always show examples of being a good sport.
Parents I also remind that NO! Uncle Toby Ironperson contracts are not handed out at club champs and please keep competing for a positive experience for all our nippers. It’s just amazing to watch all our kids push and test themselves at all levels and all events.
Remember realistic expectations are also required by both parents and nippers at these events.
Having a go is the key for all our Nippers good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

See you on the beach!

Keiron Burke
Junior Director

Dolphin Program at Sorrento SLSC

The Dolphin Program provides alternatives for people with a disability; an emphasis on fun while maintaining strong club feelings and loyalties.

Each Saturday morning on Sorrento beach, you’ll find the Dolphin Flag with a bunch of participants; and a wonderful group of club volunteers enjoying beach and surf activities. This is followed by a sausage sizzle in the courtyard. This Thursday 3rd December we recognize celebrate International Day of People with a Disability. Dolphins will be celebrating on Saturday!

Member Draw

Members Draw started last week, congratulations to Stuart Tennant for being the member to be drawn out.

Unfortunately for him, he wasn't in attendance..... SO JACKPOT!! (yay for the rest of us!)

This Friday, Members Draw is worth $1100!

Remember to win you must be over 18, financial and be there at the time of the draw. Full details at the bottom of the newsletter. 

Also please book if you are having a meal at

Any questions about the Members Draw, please email Jess on


Sunday Session Wrap-Up
Despite the overcast conditions, we were lucky enough to be greeted by a glassy ocean, no wind and mild temps! Perfect!! We had 44 youth check on Sunday. After a 200/400 run swim, we split up into beach and surf activities.
A huge thank you to Claire & John for working with the youth keen on sharpening their flags skills. For the beachies keep an eye out for an update email / post on how / when coached sessions are held. Any other youth that missed out on today but would like to be looped in please let us know. Hopefully the session got rid of any of the worries you may have had about the coached sessions. We would love to see more of the youth at these sessions. They are designed for all levels and you will be looked after by a great beach crew of coaches and athletes. You will get the most out of these sessions when you train with your friends.
Thank you as always to Lisa, Tim, Matt, Kevin for working the surf team on deep water starts, tactical racing and board rescues. Darren also for covering the Bacon & Egg roll duties!
Some reminders from Sunday:
Congrats to all the youth that competed and had fun at Secret Harbor. Fantastic to see first timers Ben, Jess & Keely there!
Bowling Night
Thank you to Marina for organising the Youth Bowling Night om Saturday evening. Always great to see 30 of our youth in one place having a great time. Some pretty sharp bowling!
Youth Program
Congrats also to the youth that attended the Youth Age Manager Program (21 Nov) and Youth Officials Course (28 Nov). For those interested in the next Youth Officials Course it is 28th January 2021 (Surf House).   See you  there!!
Next Comps:
5th Dec. SunSmart WA Surf League – Round 2.  If you are not competing, why not come down to Scarborough beach and cheer on Sorrento
12th Dec.  Seniors & Youth Carnival Sorrento – This is on a Saturday. More information to come, please check attached link for the program.
LINK. There is both Water & Beach arenas: Individual Events in the Irons, Ski, Board and Surf Race; And also Beach Sprint & Flags. It is our home turf, lets show strength in numbers whether you compete or cheer.
Next Fundraising Opportunity
Sunday 13th Dec. is the Nippers Carnival at Sorrento. Youth will be running breakfast (bacon & egg rolls), drinks and lollies stands.

Youth and parents, we need your help to run these stands and hopefully tip more into the youth fundraising jar to allow us to organise more activities!!

More to come from Marina. DOUBLE YIP points for helpers!!

BBQ Roster
Time Activity No. of Volunteers Roles
7.00-8.00 Bacon & Egg Service 2 1 x Cooking (Darren)
1 x Money & roll cutting
8.00-9.00 Bacon & Egg Service 2 1 x Cooking (Darren)
1 x Money & roll cutting
8.00-9.15 BBQ Set Up 3 3x roll cutting and Salad prep
9.15-10.15 BBQ Service 3 2 x cooking
1 x Money and prep
10.15-11.15 BBQ Service 6 2 x cooking
1 x money
3 x servers
11.15- BBQ Service and clean up 4 1 x cooking
1x money
2 x servers
Drinks and Lollies Stand

Time Activity No. of Volunteers Roles
7.00-8.30 Drinks & Lollies service 2 2 x servers
8.30 – 10.00 Drinks & Lollies service 2 2 x servers
10.00-11.30 Drinks & Lollies service 2 2 x servers

YIP Points (Oct / Nov) – Please don’t forget to get in your YIP Points summary to Olivia Bertolini (
The Youth Committee

Street Appeal

If you work for a larger business or corporation we would love you collect a can from either the office or come along on Wednesday night and pick up one from Christine or Rita in the hall. Take along to work and return the following week.
All money donated, is kept by the club.

So Cafe at Sorrento SLSC

Wednesday Night 

Spaghetti and Meatballs
Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni
Penne Primavera
Cauliflower Rice
Garlic Bread

To book please email

Adults - $15
Kids - $10

Where to find Club Information 
Training Sessions -
Uniform Shop Hours -
Office Opening Hours -
Club Calendar -
Payment Portal - cd_community=SLSA&cd_currency=AUD

Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club WA
PO BOX 18 
Hillarys WA 6025
08 9448 1431

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