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Crown Hill
October 2022
Crown Hill
In this month's newsletter, we highlight the two bronze statues of children on the Crown and the sculptor behind them, explain the motto "Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow" engraved on one, and tell you how you can help Crown Hill grow more mighty oaks in the cemetery.
The Crown Series – Bronze Statues of Children
As you go up the Crown, just past the Bane family mausoleum, a bench monument off the road to the right will likely catch your eye. It features a bronze statue titled, “Contemplating the Acorn,” depicting a young boy on a bench, staring at a large acorn cradled in his hands. The sculpture reflects “the circle of life.” The bench itself reads, “Home Sweet Home,” and as you get closer, you see that this is not just a motto, for this is the monument for Herb and Dee Sweet, founders of America’s first day camp, “Acorn Farm Camp,” in 1933.
As you continue up the hill, you will see a similar bronze statue titled, “Riley Child-Rhymes,” of a little girl reading the poem, “Little Orphant Annie” (included on the blog), on poet James Whitcomb Riley’s memorial at the top. Both statues were sculpted and donated by Mic Mead, a businessman and artist residing in Westfield, and the son-in-law of Herb and Dee Sweet.
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Tree of the Month – Oak
Celebrating the Mighty Oak, Queues Species (all of them) in “Oaktober” for “National Neighborwoods Month.”
Fall is a great time of year to admire the beauty found in nature, but some of the most understated species when it comes to fall color can be some of our most ecologically valuable species, and that’s why we’re celebrating OAKtober and National Neighborwoods Month during the Month of October here at Crown Hill.

Oak trees are some of the largest and longest-lived trees found native to Indiana, and they make up a good portion of the list of the largest trees you will see at Crown Hill Cemetery. With their large stature, heavily textured bark, and leaves that stay in place until late fall, these trees provide some of the greatest benefits in cooling the community around us, cleaning our air and water, reducing energy use, and being a beautiful and inspiring part of our community. So much so that the Arbor Day Foundation celebrates all oak trees in October for being great neighbors in and around our communities across the country.
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Gingko Leaves
Some trees lose their leaves in a more dramatic fashion than others, as is the case with our many Ginkgo trees. These trees usually drop almost all of their bright yellow fan-shaped leaves in 24 hours. This typically happens after the first hard frost. It’s amazing to witness, not just as it’s happening, but also to see the giant circle of yellow leaves carpeting the ground beneath the tree. When will it happen this year? It’s fun to observe these trees change color and try to guess when the “big day” will be.
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