Today, my opponent’s DC insiders falsely attacked me yet again, this time spending more than $130,000 in an outrageous and misleading ad. If you will stand with me, I could really use your help.

When you find out the truth, you'll agree this ad is what's wrong with politics. It's misleading and outright hypocrisy.

That's why I'm calling on my opponent to hold himself to the same standard he asked of me. Dr. Greg Murphy knows this attack is false, and he should disavow the ad today -- just as I did last week.

Here's the amazing part: Dr. Murphy's DC insiders attacked me for having the EXACT SAME CONCERNS they had themselves. Don't take my word for it; you can see their position for yourself here:
Constitutional conservatives recognize that Congress should fund the wall and protect our border. That's how we solve this problem for good, and that's always been my position. After I researched the emergency powers of the President, I unequivocally supported his actions. I've said so numerous times. For anyone to say otherwise is a lie.

But the truth hasn't stopped them from attacking me, because they are trying to hide Greg Murphy's consistent support for government-run healthcare and his plan to expand Obamacare's budget-busting entitlement program. And he knows it.

He knows I have supported President Trump from Day 1 and agree with his decision to declare a national emergency. He knows I believe we must build a physical border wall. And he knows I've said we have a national crisis on our southern border. That's why he should renounce this ad.

Greg Murphy should also know his DC insiders misrepresented my support of Mike McIntyre in 2012. Mike, Jimbo, and I have been in Bible studies together for over 30 years. He helped my husband start the Christian Legal Society at UNC-CH. Mike had the highest endorsement from the NRA and was endorsed by the National Right to Life for his 100% pro-life voting record. He voted against Obamacare and even voted against Nancy Pelosi in 2011 before my endorsement. That does not mean that I agree with all of Mike’s positions, but I know him to be a sincere Christian. I am a committed Republican and believe in the conservative, constitutional values that make our nation great. That's who I am and how I will vote in Congress if elected.

To be a courageous representative, you must be willing to stand up to DC insiders. That is what I did already, and Greg Murphy owes it to the voters to renounce this ad and stop the lies coming out for his campaign.


Dr. Joan Perry

PS: I need your help to battle this smear campaign. Can you pitch in today?
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