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   This summer came with the happiness the growing season brings to gardeners. At the same time, we are mourning several deaths in our garden club community. We received the very sad news that our first vice president Ann Vanosdol lost her battle with cancer on July 17. She is the subject of a memorial article in this newsletter. I miss her calm and quiet demeanor which stood firm on issues that mattered to her.  I also send condolences to Orrington Garden Club on the passing of their president Charlotte Mason. In mid-August we also learned that GCFM past president Claire Hunt of Boothbay has died. She will be memorialized in the November issue of this newsletter. 
   The nominating committee met to fill the vacancy left in our leadership team. The board voted to accept their recommendation and elected Second Vice President Karen Rea as First Vice President. She was our Convention Chairman and is a former President of Longfellow Garden Club and former Stroudwater District Director. Becky Gallery, former President of Harpswell Garden Club, a former GCFM Protocol Chairman and current Stroudwater District Secretary, was elected Second Vice President. I am relieved to have more people share some of the work that I shouldered during Ann’s illness and Karen’s convention duties. 
   The open gardens have been wonderful this summer. A big thank you goes to the Penobscot and Kennebec district volunteers and to the garden owners. Carol Smith and Carleen Harriman made the Pittsfield visit to the Shorts outstanding and Ellen Jackson did all the organization with Laura Boyette whose not so secret weapon is Jason Allerding. I am looking forward to our final open garden for 2022 at Lynette Gaslin’s garden on Verona Island on Saturday, September 10. Former St Croix District Director Patty McGinty has helped with the organization. (See article below.)
   Fall conference will be held on Zoom on Tuesday, October 25. Because of the uncertainty of the pandemic and the lack of progress in planning an in-person event, a virtual event seemed prudent. This opened the possibility of a nationally known speaker. We welcome the opportunity to hear Kirk Brown. (See related article.)
   I know that fall is a busy time in gardens. Those with vegetables are enjoying the harvest and those with ornamentals are admiring the changes fall makes in a landscape. Enjoy the autumn colors: gorgeous foliage and the colors of asters, mums, and other late blooming flowers. Orange pumpkins decorate outdoor spaces. There’s lots of new energy in the fall. 
  As summer pursuits end, events pick up. Some garden clubs resume meeting while others are finishing their summer schedules. In addition to our last open garden and our fall conference, Penobscot District will be holding its annual meeting, rescheduled from last spring, in Milo on October 6. The New England Garden Club (we all became members when we joined our local garden clubs) is holding its annual meeting in Nashua, NH, October 18 and 19. Anyone may register to hear a speaker from Proven Winners, see the photography show and participate in the other activities including the annual business meeting. 
   Enjoy the fall, everyone!


   Kirk Brown will be the speaker at our annual Fall Conference rescheduled to October 25 at 10 am. The meeting will be on Zoom. A short business meeting will be followed by the speaker.
   Brown’s topic “Recreating Eden” uses Philadelphia as a historical and geographical centering image to explore ornamental horticulture in America. Across 340 years of plant exploration and garden introductions, Philadelphia provides the sum of all plant experiences. Stroll through a gardener’s highlight of overplantings, record plantings, and missed plantings. From John Bartram’s first public botanical garden to 21st century lights, cameras and action, this travelogue is not to be missed entertainment.
   Brown has a great storytelling style and provides wonderful illustrations. His lectures have received outstanding accolades from audiences and peers. Those of us who saw his NGC (National Garden Clubs) webinar on Olmstead last winter are very excited to hear him again.  
   The board voted to charge a fee of $10. The lecture will last an hour. A question and answer period for those who are interested will follow the presentation. Our new website, with a pay online option, will make it easy to register and pay by credit card. Those who wish may mail a check to the registrar.  Information on how to register will be sent by eblast to this newsletter mailing list and through club presidents in mid-September.  Please save the date on your calendar.   (Submitted by President Harriet Robinson.)

Lynette Gaslin’s garden in Verona Island, near Bucksport, will be GCFM's next Open Garden on Saturday, September 10. 
   The next GCFM open garden will be at Lynette Gaslin’s garden in Verona Island near Bucksport on Saturday, September 10. 
   The early September date will be perfect to see what vegetables Lynette is harvesting from her raised beds. But that is not all there is to see!  There are sunny borders, interesting shrubs, and lots of flowers in containers. Lisa Colburn, garden writer, speaker, and a member of Veazie Garden Club, will address “Downsizing and Modifying Our Gardens as We Age.”  Two of our flower show judges, Carol Smith and Nancy Atwell will choose from September flowers as they create country arrangements in recycled jars. 
   The garden address is 274 Eastside Drive, Verona Island. Lynette is in Bucksport Garden Club and is a former St Croix District Director. 
   This sixth open garden is part of the president’s project to visit a garden in each of the six districts. President Harriet is not ready to close the books on her project and has scheduled a return visit to a garden for next spring: we have the opportunity to visit Pam Allen’s Oak Lodge in Nobleboro to see her huge collection of daffodils and admire her architectural ornamentation (garden buildings made with salvaged materials). Harriet hopes that the opportunities to gather in a beautiful garden with an educational and social component are something that will continue.   (Submitted by President Harriet Robinson.)
In Memorium

Ann Vanosdol, First Vice President, Garden Club Federation of Maine, passed away on July 17th. She was such a caring, creative and dedicated person and is sorely missed. Ann was my friend; actually more like a younger sister and we laughed, cried, planned and shopped together.  Ann's obituary can be found by clicking here.  

Here are just a few memories of Ann for those of  you who may not have had an opportunity to enjoy this wonderful lady:

Ann was a member and former president of the Camden Garden Club. She saw the importance of the club to the community and strove to get our name better known. In addition to the usual things we did, she spearheaded our participation in a parade the spring of 2015, during which we commemorated our 100th anniversary. We marched carrying our club banner, had older members in open topped vehicles, and one member, Fran Moore, carried a chain saw demonstrating we were not all white gloves and bonnets! ~ Judith Tarbox 

Convention 2015 in Kennebunkport was the first GCFM event Ann attended.  She was representing the Camden Garden Club as club Vice President.  Thus began her involvement at district and state levels of GCFM.   After serving as CGC President Ann joined the GCFM Board of Directors as Youth Activities Chair, then Scholarship Chair and Second Vice President. ~ Fran Moore

While at that Convention a small group of us joined for drinks and dinner at a local lobster shack. One of us bemoaned about a difficult session we had had earlier in the day, and Ann who was usually very quiet and thoughtful said “Well, it’s time to put on your big girl pants” (or words to that effect). We all looked at her and had a good laugh! ~Judith Tarbox

Having traveled the state with Ann for Conventions, Fall Conferences, Board Meetings, and all those Blaine House Teas, I count my many wonderful memories of Ann.  She always brought her positive attitude and caring personality to all her activities.  She cared very deeply for the community of garden club members she found with GCFM over the years. ~ Fran Moore

While I didn't have the opportunity to spend a lot of one-on-one time with Ann, I know how much she enjoyed participating in the annual Blaine House Christmas Tea at the Governor's mansion in Augusta.  Many of us would try to sign up for the morning session right before lunch.  Then Ann along with about 6 or 7 other gals would head to Hallowell to have lunch at a local restaurant to catch up on everyone's plans for Christmas.  Ann also would often join a small group of us who would meet for lunch after a GCFM Board meeting when it was held in person in Augusta.  I will miss seeing her and sharing good times together.
~ Suzanne Bushnell

Ann was installed as Second Vice President in absentia during the 2019 Annual Convention in Wells due to medical emergency placing her in E.R. most of the day. President Barbara Longstaff chaired the first meeting of the new board immediately following the convention and as it began I looked up to see Ann coming in and joining the meeting. This was the first thing she did after leaving the hospital. It truly was a case in point of her love and dedication to the GCFM! ~ Judith Tarbox  

Ann was like most of us, passionate about gardening, and completely devoted to her club, the Camden Garden Club.  When she signed on to become 2nd VP with me for the 2019-2021 term, she had LOADS of questions and was more than ready to apply her knowledge to the position as Scholarship Chairman, and not surprisingly, she attacked the position with gusto, did an AWESOME job and loved every minute of it! Ann and I made a date to “mask up” and meet during the Pandemic to talk more about GCFM and her upcoming role as 1st VP.  She wanted to learn the ropes and be ready to step up into the 1st VP job, but also, already thinking ahead, she asked many questions about when her day came to take on the next step into the GCFM Presidency.  Ann would have succeeded in any role she took on in her life, we are fortunate that she made GCFM one of those choices. Ann was knowledgeable in so many ways, and not just connected to gardening.  Ann was surrounded by a loving and supportive family, which I think played a big part in the woman she had become; a caring, dedicated woman with strong abilities to lead, but also, just as important, the ability to listen and offer help or guidance to others when called upon. We are all Blessed to have known her, we miss her now and we’ll feel her loss for a very long time. ~ Barbara Longstaff

I did not know Ann well but in the several meetings we both attended, I admired her quiet, measured comments in our discussions.  She also seemed to be the personification of strength and determination as she navigated the ups and downs of her struggle with unrelenting cancer. I will miss her for those special qualities.  
~ Linda Redman

I remember a strong, fair minded lady who persevered through obstacles. The loyalty to CGC and GCFM was a tribute to her. ~ Molly Foster

I remember that when I saw Ann she always had a smile on her face and a happy greeting.  It was an honor and pleasure to have served with Ann on the GCFM board for several years.  Ann brought a great deal of professionalism and organization to all accomplishments.  I’m happy to have known and worked with Ann. ~ Kathleen Marty

She was courageous in facing her cancer.  She did it on her own terms with her family.  I am fortunate and thankful for all the time I spent with her and her friendship. ~ Fran Moore

Ann’s being will always be interwoven in the fabric of the Garden Club Federation of Maine. She made a difference in the organization and in each of our lives. She set an example that each of us learned from. Goodbye, friend. 

With fondest memories,
Judith Tarbox
Former President, GCFM

Dear Friends,
  I wanted to send a brief note to let you know details of the Celebration of Life in Camden ME we will be having for Ann Vanosdol.  
Date: Saturday Sept 24th
Location: American Legion, 91 Pearl St, Camden, ME 04843 
Time: 1-4pm
Our wish is that we can gather as family and friends to reminisce and share some lovely memories of Ann.  We will have light food and drink available and we hope you can join us in celebrating her life and accomplishments.  Please RSVP by Sept 16th by replying to Ann's Daughter,  Peggy Wyman (
and copying her Husband, Ron Vanosdol.  
Feel free to reach out directly with any questions.
Pictured with their daughters who are also Longfellow Garden Club members
Laurel Parker, Barbara Tolman, Cand Oliver, Lisa McDermott , Zip Weeman 

   The Longfellow Garden Club honored Barbara Tolman and Candi Oliver for their 50th anniversary of membership at their Annual Meeting at Portland Country Club in May. They have worked tirelessly for the garden club, supporting programs and activities. In addition, they both served in multiple positions including treasurer, financial advisor, secretary, newsletter editor, plant sale chair, members of nominating committees, program specialists, vice president and president!   Barbara was president for five years from 1986 to 1991 and Candi was president for a two-year term from 1993 to1995. Both are National and State Life Members.  It was wonderful to celebrate them and the many contributions Barbara, Candi and their talented families bring to our club with unique gifts marking the occasion.  A special bonus is having their daughters as long time active Longfellow members as well.  We appreciate their continued dedication and devotion to Garden Club.  (Submitted by Debbie Peck, President, Longfellow Garden Club.)


   After a two-year hiatus because of the pandemic, the Harpswell Garden Club will be hosting its popular fundraiser, the Fun and Fabulous Fall Fest.  The event will be held on Saturday, September 10th from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Centennial Hall, 936 Harpswell Neck Road in Harpswell.  The Club will be selling a variety of fall mums and asters, baked goods, garden gloves, and will have an assortment of “attic treasures” available in the popular format of a yard sale.  Fall Fest serves as the Club’s largest fundraiser and draws attendees from not only Harpswell but many surrounding towns.
   The Club has also announced its two upcoming monthly programs for September and October.  On September 15th they will welcome Annika Schmidt, Marketing Director for Garbage to Garden, a company which specializes in collecting food scraps to turn into compostable material.  The program will be held at Centennial Hall beginning with the social time at 12:30 p.m. with the program to follow at 1:00.  On October 20th, the Club will host Amanda Affleck, a textile artist who will demonstrate how she makes natural dyes from cultivated and wild harvested plants.  She’ll also have on display several examples of textiles she’s created.  The meeting will be held in Brunswick at the Curtis Memorial Library starting at 2:00 p.m.  (Submitted by Suzanne Bushnell, member of the Programs Committee and Chairman of Publicity for the Harpswell Garden Club.)


   Are you a State Life Member?  Have you heard of the State Life Membership program?  Do even know what being a State Life Members means?  Well, it doesn’t get you free membership to State Life Pinyour club! Or any other special benefits (except wearing a State Life Member Pin if you want). But what it does do is support the GCFM Scholarship program.  The State Life Membership program is the chief support for our scholarships, and all GCFM members are invited to participate.  While most new State Life Memberships are given as a “thank-you” as a club president steps down, or in memory of a club member who has passed away.  Anyone can purchase a membership for himself or herself, or for another club member who you would like to honor, or even for an individual who has been instrumental in horticulture in your town or region.  All that is required is completing the State Life Membership application, found on the GCFM website under Scholarships. It may also be requested directly from the State Life Membership Chair if you don’t have access to the Internet. We are no longer accepting handwritten notes or emails without the application for membership. The cost is $50, plus an additional $8.00 if you wish to purchase a State Life pin to wear.   Your membership will be acknowledged with a certificate and wallet card, and your name will be included in the annual report given at the Annual Convention in June.  So – what are you waiting for! Become a State Life Member now!  If you think you are a State Life Member but are not sure or if you have any other questions, contact the State Life Membership Chair so she can look you up.  
   And, as a reminder, GCFM offers a Horticultural Scholarship of $3,000 annually to a deserving college student who is a legal resident of Maine. The winner of this scholarship is automatically considered for a $4,000 National Garden Clubs scholarship.  In the past, our winners have always been awarded one of the NGC scholarships, giving them a total of $7,000 towards their tuition.  We also offer the Mary Lou Marks Smith Scholarship of $1,000 to a deserving community college student in odd numbered years, which will be coming up in 2023.  It’s not too early to let students know about these.  And even though the Maine Community College tuition has temporarily been waived by the state of Maine for current students, the scholarship funds can be use for the many other expenses that students incur. Information about both of these is found on the GCFM website on the Scholarship tab.  Although eligible students must be legal residents of Maine, they do not need to attend school in Maine.
   For the past year I have enjoyed being the Scholarship Chair as part of my duties as the Second Vice President of GCFM.  I have learned a lot, and it has been an honor to find out more about the State Life Membership program as well as work with applicants for the GCFM Horticultural Scholarship.  I am now handing the reigns over into the very capable hands of Becky Gallery, the new 2nd VP, as I move up into the 1st VP position.  I look forward to continuing to work with everyone as  we move into the busy fall season and beyond!  (Submitted by Karen Rea, GCFM First Vice President.)


  • Acted on the nominating committee report to elect Karen Rea as First Vice President, to finish Ann Vanosdol’s term and
  • Elected Becky Gallery as Second Vice President. She was also appointed Scholarship Chairman. 
  • Voted to hold Fall Conference on Zoom the last week of October instead of in person on November 1. 
  • Received the yearly financial review report: statements from the Treasurer of the GCFM are accurate and in good order.                                    
  • (Submitted by President Harriet Robinson.)


  Milo Garden Club is hosting the Penobscot District’s Fall Meeting October 6 to be held at Three Rivers Kiwanis, 15 Harris Pond Road in Milo.  Milo President Victoria Eastman invites the other clubs in the Penobscot District to come hear licensed forester, Molly London present a program entitled “Into the Woods.” 
   After pandemic cancellations, the district met last fall in Hamden and is meeting again in the fall instead of the traditional spring date. Orrington’s turn comes in 2023 and the plan is to go back to May meetings.
   District Director Carol J. Smith will preside at the business meeting and GCFM President Harriet Robinson will be present to meet the members.  This is a great chance for the clubs to share ideas about programs and hear what is going on in GCFM.  If any members outside of the District wish to attend, please contact Carol for more information at or 989-1083.  (Submitted by Penobscot District Director Carol Smith.)


   Let’s be honest, we all want to talk about what we CAN plant, not what we can’t. Okay, so let’s sigh and get past it because we all want to be good stewards of the land, and participate responsibly in this biome we call home.
   The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry has come out with a new “Do Not Sell” list, effective January 2024. The list created in 2018 included 33 plants, mostly well known to us all as things we would never buy or plant. Fallopia japonica, Japanese knotweed is on it for heavens sake. We all know the list and it’s evil players too well. The new list for 2024 has added another 30 plants. Some of these are well known to us as thugs too, but there are a few that may surprise us. Okay, they surprised me. Sylphium perfoliatum, or cup plant, is on the list; pictured right. Even at Show and Grow so many of you, who are truly knowledgeable and have taught me so much about plants, were unfamiliar with it in my garden. I showed off with pride, for anyone who asked, the unique leaves and the way they form a cup around the stem for pollinators to drink from. Ah well. No more will I pot up bits for friends and plant sales.
   The full new listing can be downloaded here: It shows each plant name followed by the date added, so the later half of the list contains the new plant names. I hope there are no heartbreakers for any of you!
   Our own Becky Gallery from Harpswell Garden Club has been doing some great work in the area of invasives through The Harpswell Invasive Plant Partnership. They are raising awareness in their community, but as Becky points out, their invasives are the same list for most of us. Check out their info at If you would like one of their $12 pocket guides with tips on controlling species email Becky,
   So on a final note I will remind myself, as well as any readers, how important it is to stop the spread of these plants. They overwhelm our native flora, robbing them of the space they need to grow and to support our wildlife. They also threaten the livelihood of fellow Mainers who farm. They effect our ability to enjoy the natural beauty of Maine. So, even though the “Do Not Sell” newcomers are not banned until January 2024, why delay? Make sure as you pot up things this fall to share with friends, or for next spring’s club sales, that these plants aren’t included. And think about managing (or dare I say removing?) some of these dangerous plants. I am looking at my sylphium and picturing Aralia racemosa, spikenard, there. Different but still beautiful, and guilt-free.  (Submitted by GCFM Horticulture Chairman Katy Gannon-Janelle, member of the St. Mary's Garden Club.)


   Another GCFM gardener has been featured in “MaineHomes,” a publication of “Downeast Magazine” where the company now publishes gardening articles. 
   Edith Ellis, a member of Foothills Garden Club, is the third member of that club to be in the magazine. The article gives a tiny glimpse of Edith’s large English style garden. Each garden room or viewshed gives a different arrangement of plants with perfect attention to color, texture and other details. The article focuses on some of Edith’s historic irises. She is a past president of the Maine Iris Society.  You can read it by clicking here. 
   This summer the same publication sent a photographer to two Veazie Garden Club members. The publication photographs a year prior to the release of the article at the same time of year in a garden.
  They are always on the lookout for extraordinary gardens in Maine. If you have one to recommend, please let Harriet know and she can forward the name.  (Submitted by President Harriet Robinson.)


Augusta, MAINE - The Obsolete Pesticide Collection Program protects Maine's natural resources and prevents agriculture pollution by promoting the safe and proper disposal of outdated, unused, or unwanted pesticides. The program is made possible by the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry's Board of Pesticides Control (BPC) and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. The program is open to homeowners and family-owned farms who are encouraged to bring unwanted pesticides— including herbicides, insecticides, rodenticides, fungicides, and similar products used in agricultural production or around the home to collection sites in Presque Isle, Bangor, Augusta, and Portland.
  • The next obsolete pesticide collection days will be held during October 2022, one day each in Presque Isle, Bangor, Augusta, and Portland. 
  • More details coming soon, including drop-off locations. 
  • Pre-registration is required by September 26 to participate, drop-ins are not permitted. 
Details including registering and supplying the obsolete pesticides inventory form, a list of banned and unusable products, storage and transportation guidelines, other disposal options are found on the BPC website

About Maine's Obsolete Pesticide Collection Program
Removal of obsolete and unwanted pesticides is important for protecting the public, wildlife, and environmental health. Improper pesticide handling and disposal, such as placing it in the trash or pouring it down the drain, can contaminate land and water resources. The Maine Obsolete Pesticide Collection Program ensures that they are handled properly. Since 1982, the program has saved more than 250,000 lbs. of pesticides from entering the waste stream. Collected pesticides are taken to licensed, out-of-state disposal facilities by the federal Environmental Protection Agency. Learn more on  ContactsKarla BoydJim Britt.  (Submitted by Suzanne Bushnell, member of the Programs Committee and Chairman of Publicity for the Harpswell Garden Club)


   The deadline to get your registration sent in for the 6th Annual New England Garden Clubs’ Annual Meeting is fast approaching – October 5th!  This event, which is open to all garden club members of the six New England state federations, will be hosted by the New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs at the Nashua Event Center/Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in Nashua, NH on October 18-19Last year’s event was held in Wells, ME and hosted by our own GCFM.  Many members from New Hampshire traveled to Maine to support our meeting, so the host federation is hoping Maine members will return the favor this year and travel to Nashua!  It's a great way to meet garden club members from around New England.
   The Registration Form can be found on the New England Garden Clubs website at  Just click the link for MEETINGS to find the Registration Form and Schedule of Events.  Hotel reservations can be made directly with the hotel for $139/night by calling 603-945-8668 or 603-880-9100.  The deadline for reserving a room is September 27.  When you call remember to tell them you’re attending the New England Garden Club event to receive the special room rate.
   Highlights of the two-day event include a talk by Amy Cordello, Account Manager of Pleasant View Gardens of Loudon, NH.  Pleasant View Gardens is the home of the Proven Winners plant brand and Amy will be showing us what will be new from the company for next spring.  There will also be a boutique fashion show, a photography contest/exhibit of photos submitted by members from the six New England state federations, and an auction of handmade wreaths.  In fact, the New Hampshire members are asking anyone interested to submit a wreath for the auction which will benefit our New England Region.  A reception will also be held on the first evening to honor our current Region Director Suzanne McCance.
   Nashua is about a two-hour drive from Portland for planning purposes.  Carpools are an option for those who’d like to attend but don’t want to travel alone.  For more information on the event, contact the New Hampshire event chairman Joyce Kimball at   If you’re interested in submitting a wreath for the auction, also contact Joyce.  If you’re interested in attending and are either willing to drive or are looking for a carpool to join, contact Suzanne Bushnell at by Suzanne Bushnell, former Region Director, New England Garden Clubs)

The above were designed at the  Northern New England Tri-State Flower Show Symposium in Manchester, NH, August 22-24.  
Maine was one of the sponsoring federations of the symposium.  
(Submitted by Carol Smith, Penobscot District Director,
Brewer Garden and Bird Club.)


   National Garden Clubs'  (NGC) Membership Mondays are back!  These virtual upbeat presentations are at 2 p.m. on the second Monday of each month. This fall’s focus is success stories on the themes Recruit, Retain, and Revitalize. Let’s get more ideas from successful clubs.
   Videos of last year’s series are on the NGC website under “Video Café.”  This year’s will be added as they become available. 
   Anyone who subscribes to The National Gardener, NGC’s free online newsletter receives the invitation to sign up for Membership Mondays.  Link to subscribe:

   On a related note, videos highlighting some Plant America grant winning projects as well as one on the grant process are here: under the NGC Grants and Awards tab. The deadline to apply for the next round of grants is October 15. Previous winners can’t apply quite yet, and we do have winners from Maine!

EDITOR'S NOTE:  Our next issue covers November/December.   If you have news to share about your club for our newsletter, contact our Newsletter Editor, Carmen Weatherbie by October 20.  If you have photos to share for the GCFM FACEBOOK page, email them to Kathleen Marty.  Please identify the event of any photos.
September 10 - Open Garden, Verona Island
September 16 - RSVP - Celebration of Life for Ann Vanosdol
September 24 - Celebration of Life for Ann Vanosdol
September 26 - Pesticide Collection Pre-Registration Deadline
October 5 - Registration (Post mark)
 Deadline for NEGC Annual Meeting    
October 6 - Penobscot District Annual Meeting
October 15 - Deadline for Plant America Grants
October 17 - GCFM Board Meeting via ZOOM at 4 p.m. 
October 18-19 - NEGC Annual Meeting, Nashua, NH
October 20 - GCFM Newsletter Input Deadline
October 25 - GCFM Fall Conference (Virtual Event)

Harriet Robinson
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