September 4, 2020


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UCPath Systemwide Updates

Case Management at UCPath Center

UCPath Center has been experiencing a backlog of cases due to a variety of factors, including the increased customer base after recent campus transitions, and remote work during COVID-19. UCPC is taking a three-pronged approach to mitigating the backlog issue, summarized below.

  1. Decrease the number of cases initiated by:
    • Timely communications and information on errors and known issues, including workarounds
    • Improved self-service tools that help users navigate UCPath and complete tasks without the need to open a case
    • Providing training and information sessions on effective methods for preparing and submitting data
  2. Evaluating organizational structure and processes. 
  3. Increasing overtime hours for existing resources, and identifying new resources within the organization to help address backlog. 

Salary Overpayment Portal

The Salary Overpayment Portal, used for paying back salary overpayments, is available to former employees as of 8/31.  The portal was previously made available to existing employees and is now available to former employees.  The navigation is different for current vs. former employees:


Learning Labs

Learning Labs are held every other Thursday from 1-2pm. We hope to see you at the next Learning Lab on 9/17. Registration is highly recommended so that you can submit topics in advance. 

Employee-Initiated Reduction in Time (ERIT) Training

People & Culture has launched the Employee-Initiated Reduction in Time (ERIT) Program. Learn more about the program, associated processes, and how to complete the PayPath transaction in UCPath to process the percentage reduction. 

Everyone with access to complete PayPath transactions in UCPath has been contacted directly with an invitation to this training, however, if you want to mark your calendar in advance, the second of two trainings will be offered on September 10 from 1-2pm. If you attended the first training, you do not need to attend again. 

Approve Extended Leave of Absence Request simulation update

A clarification was made regarding the Deny button on the Approve Extended Leave of Absence Request simulation. This button is only available for transactions that have not gone through the full approval process (AWE).


New Catastrophic Leave Resources

We’ve added some new resources for how to enter Catastrophic Leaves in UCPath. Check out the Catastrophic Leaves WebinarJob Aid and Microlearning video. These resources can be found on the Transactional User Resources page under the “Employee Accrual Adjustment” section. The 

FFCRA Job Aid Update

The UCPath Center Training Team updated the COVID-19: The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) job aid. This job aid now includes updated tables with new Earn and Retro codes for Non-FFCRA related tracking of sick and vacation takes. These Non-FFCRA Earn codes were created to track COVID-19 leave once an employee has exhausted FFCRA related leaves. Please note that we are not using the Non-FFCRA codes at Berkeley. The codes are not in CalTime.


COVID-19 Leave Tracking Added to CalTime

CalTime has been updated to enable employees and managers to easily view the total year-to-date amount of COVID-19 leave hours taken. Hours taken can be accessed by viewing the accrual tab at the bottom of the employee timecard. Please visit the CalTime website for a list of the COVID-related pay codes.

Interlocation One-Time Payment Process Change

UCPath Center recently communicated a new process for Interlocation One-Time Payments. Due to questions and concerns from locations, they have determined that the best course of action is to revert to the previous process. Instead of having the home location process the interlocation one-time payment in UCPath, the host location will continue to submit this transaction. This change only affects the Interlocation One-Time Payment process - there is no change to the Multi-Location Appointment process. This process should be followed for all new requests being submitted:

  1. Host location completes Interlocation One-Time Payment Form (UPAY 644-T).
  2. Host location sends the One-Time Payment Form to the Home location for approval.
  3. Home location returns signed form to the Host location.
  4. Host location creates a new position.
  5. Host location adds the position funding to the new position using the Host department’s Full Accounting Unit (FAU).
  6. Host location hires employee into position (concurrent job) with FTE= 0
  7. Host location submits a one-time payment, selecting the Interlocation One-Time Payment from the Reason Code drop-down list on the One-Time payment page.
  8. Host location terminates position (concurrent job) after payment is made. No need for journal entries. 

Review the Interlocation One-Time Additional Pay job aid for additional guidance.

Position Management

HR Worksite ID - Required

Though UC Berkeley has required the HR Worksite ID field to be completed since UCPath and Tracker I-9 were implemented, the field is now a system requirement. Please be aware that you may need to complete or update this field if you're reusing an older position number. More information about Tracker I-9 is available on the BRS website, including a Tracker I-9 handout which lists the HR Worksite IDs for UC Berkeley. Please note the updates below from UCPath Center regarding the HR Worksite ID field:

  • This field is required when creating new positions or updating vacant positions through the Position Control Request or Add/Update Position Info pages in UCPath.
  • If the field is left blank, an error message will occur and the transactor will not have the ability to save until a value has been added.
    • A new value will be available: N – No I9 Integration required
  • Using “N” in the position HR Worksite ID field will ensure new I-9’s and E-Verify functionality will not be initiated for an employee hired into the position.
  • Do not use “U” (U – Unknown) value, as it is only for administrator use and is not a valid HR Worksite ID.

Let Us Help

Please review the Transactional User Resources page and Frequently Asked Questions on our website.

For Questions and Issues Regarding: Support Contact

Paychecks, employment verification, enrolling in benefits, benefits billing, Inquiry status, employee self-service issues, business processes related to transactional processing or unusual transactions 

UCPath Center
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UCPath transactional template and system support; reporting support including ad hoc report requests, Cognos reports questions and referrals to CalAnswers tool

Central HR UCPath Operations

Transactional & Reporting Support

System access requests (including for CalAnswers), approval workflow re-routing

Security & AWE Team 

General information, training questions, enrollment, LMS, courses required for access, access revoked, CalPath Connect questions and communication about UCPath at UC Berkeley


Timecard and timekeeping, benefits counseling, HR data requests, status of transaction processing, accruals adjustments (vacation, sick, years of service), operational and business process questions, missing or incorrect data

Berkeley Regional Services

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Applicants who need assistance applying for staff jobs in TAM

First Contact Team
(510) 664-9000, Option 3 
(For TAM technical issues needing escalation to UCPC:

CalTime mass delegation, system and access issues, reporting, balance resets, general questions 

Controller’s Office


Legacy PPS adjustments and check re-issues (prior to 3/1/2019 for MO and 3/10/2019 for BW), FICA review, Glacier, regional pay escalation support, Instant Pay Cards, Direct Retro for benefits only 

Central Payroll
See full list of services

BFS Interfaces, Chartstring validation, GAEL, assessments

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Composite Benefit Rates

Central Resource Management Team 

Work Study

Financial Aid & Scholarships Office

Cal Answers

Cal Answers Help Desk
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