Children’s Room Updates

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We’re almost there!

Thanks to generous grant funders, like the Shineman Foundation, and contributions from our amazing community, we’re very close to meeting our goal to renovate the Children’s Room. We’re hoping to have the project complete by Spring 2022! As a refresher, here’s what we plan to do:

  • Replace most of the current bookshelves with ones that better suit the space, are mobile, and make it easier for kids and adults to browse.

  • Replace the carpet with something more attractive and easier to maintain.

  • Update and replace our current furniture with more attractive, fun, and mobile pieces as well as activity centers for little ones to play at.

  • Install a mini-makerspace where kids can learn and create.

  • Repaint the walls with something more fun and eye-catching.

Total Project Cost: $37,124
Amount Raised: $34,127
Still Need: $2,997

How Can You Help?

We’re applying for grants but are trying to raise some match funds to make this project a reality. If you can, we’re looking for donations and every little bit helps. Ways you can help include:

  • Donating in person at the library

  • Donating through our Paypal (CLICK HERE)

  • Donating via our GoFundMe* Campaign (CLICK HERE)

  • Sharing these links with anyone who you think may want to contribute to this project.

GoFundMe Announcement

Due to technical difficulties withdrawing funds from our GoFundMe campaign, some of you may have had your donations refunded to you. If that’s the case, and you’d like to re-donate, you’re more than welcome to do so, but if not, we understand. We’re sorry for the confusion and appreciate your patience while we navigate this process.