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pre-Easter munchies for the donkeysauruses
(that reminds me, must start the diet!)

Review of the month

February done and so (hopefully) is the worst of the winter. We've had the snow, we've had the mud and now we have the blossoms. It's looking springy at my place and that lifts moods and feelings. What with the lockdown, the bad weather and general depression, this has felt the longest winter ever, but better things are on the horizon. 

Guy's diary

If you read through recent past newsletters, I appear to oscillate (big word of the day!) between unbridled optimism and deep depression, with a propensity (two big words in one sentence?) to the latter. I am trying to be balanced from here on but I doubt I'll maintain that. 
I had one super-squelchy walk to Froyle and back to see the Alpacas and donkeys, both groups of friends were stuffing their faces at the time. Munch munch squelch squelch. I almost gave up thinking of any walk in Hampshire ever again as the mud was waist-deep! (Not really but it sounds good). 
I then followed that with three separate walks to the Frensham Pond and back which were surprisingly un-muddy. What's more, snowdrops and daffs are breaking cover everywhere and the countryside is getting its spring colours. There is a sense of optimism and hope everywhere. 

What's the plan for the future?

The quick answer is for March, continue as we are. I am happy to walk 'one and one' with anyone. If you missed a walk along the way or have a favourite you would like to do again with me, please get in touch. For March, I have to insist I can do it from home. That's the current requirement. I had to stop myself organising a (solo) LONG walk with a train and bus ride in it. That is breaking lockdown requirements and WE ARE NOT RELEASED YET.
If I can't stick to the rules, that is bad and says bad things about me. But I realised the mistake before setting out and changed the plan.

HOWEVER! Hope is on the horizon. Boris has given us a blueprint to getting out of lockdown, and as long as we stick to the stage by stage rules we will get there. So here's Guy's 'getting out of lockdown' blueprint. 

Something to look forward to

Two milestones rang with me, and note these are 'NOT BEFORES' rather than 'Will Happens', so I have not put specific dates on the plans. For April, I'm planning the first of the 'rule-of-six' walks. Yes, April is looking like small groups will be allowed. As soon as we have a date (and hopefully in the April newsletter) I will publish these plans. My first monthly walk is likely to be a repeat of the very successful 'downhill from hindhead'. This is a super 11-miler from the Devils' Punchbowl back to the station in Farnham. And the bonus is it is downhill most of the way. I'm looking at mid-April for that, rules allowing. 

And there's more. Should everything go to plan, the May release will allow us to walk in larger groups. IF (and it's a big if) that goes ahead, in June I'm planning (well not planning, yet) but ....... I'M TOYING WITH A MINI WALKING FESTIVAL OVER JUNE AND JULY TO WELCOME US ALL BACK. This will include some of the favourites, the pilgrimage to Winchester, North Downs Way to Merstham, shorter evening walks and a lot more.... with full-sized groups, limited maybe only to 30 people - a number we have never hit yet!

Plenty to look forward to, but in the meantime, let's stick to the regulations and not jump the gun. We've worked so hard on this between us all, another couple of months will fly past. 

Farnham Walker
That's it for this newsletter. Stay safe and hopefully see you soon. With the weather breaking and the flowers and blossom coming out, things are looking better. 

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Guy and Mr "T". 
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