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Asian-American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

In May, we recognize the contributions of Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders to the history, culture, and achievements of the United States. This is an opportunity for businesses to evaluate the actions they are taking to prevent racism in the workplace. According to the “Stop AAPI hate national report”, workplace discrimination, refusal of service, and being barred from transportation account for 10.3% of the total incidents reported in 2021. Providing anti-bias and racial training to your staff is a great start to teach positive behaviors and change attitudes that might turn discriminatory. Contact us to customize your training needs!

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Recruiting in a Pandemic?

As the number of vaccinated people increases and the economy opens back up, millions of businesses are reopening their doors to full-time operations. This has increased the number of businesses hiring nationwide with increased unemployment benefits. What is your organization doing differently than previous years to set yourself apart from your competitors and be that “employer of choice” that job hunters are looking for? When was the last time you updated your benefits packages/perks, including clear paths for career growth, wellness/life balance, etc.?

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Wellness Spotlight

May is National Mental Health Month, a particularly relevant topic during the stress brought on by COVID-19. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, each year, about 1 in 5 Americans experience some form of mental health impairment.

Does your business have a culture where employees feel that it is okay to disclose a mental illness at work, or do they know how to use the company tools offered, such as EAP? Ensure that you have a policy in place that details that employees can ask for reasonable accommodations for a mental health condition.

Gotcha Covered HR experts are well-versed in handling the complex dynamics you may be facing:

  • Developing HR Policies and Procedures

  • Handling time and attendance, leave time, and sick time

  • Navigating ADA, FMLA, FLSA, and HIPAA issues

  • Ensuring compliance in your HR processes

Our Trifecta program is now available to offer three opportunities to help you meet the core components of Human Resources.

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