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National Stress Awareness Month

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For over a year, we have been dealing with workplace and personal challenges caused by the pandemic, racial inequality, political divisions, etc. We are still in the process of adapting to a new life with physical restrictions, vaccination uncertainties, working from home, and living on unemployment benefits. All the above have increased the level of stress in American families. In a survey from American Psychological Association, 84% of adults reported feeling at least one emotion associated with prolonged stress. The most common were feelings of anxiety (47%), sadness (44%), and anger (39%). Additionally, 2 in 3 adults (67%) said the number of issues America is currently facing is overwhelming. Contact our team of professionals to assist your business with strategies to cope with this particular silent plague.


Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Despite the fact that most organizations have an anti-harassment policy in place, sexual harassment is still pervasive in many workplaces. According to Feldblum and Lipnic 2016, eight in ten women experience workplace harassment in their lifetimes.

When was the last time that your organization reviewed this policy and received training to identify behaviors and avoid crossing the boundaries that can lead to harassment? We can provide customized training for your staff and supervisors on a variety of topics. Watch this video from our EEO Compliance Advisor Michelle Butler addressing this.

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Job descriptions 101

As your business reopens and your workforce needs increase, ensure your job descriptions are effectively written to capture not only what a future employee will do but to create a message to attract the best qualities for your organization. Using the right words and a fresh perspective is key for your posting to stand out in today's competitive market and draw the right pool of applicants. Let us help you update your job descriptions before listing a position or bringing back a former team member when the job has changed.

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