As we move toward the fall, the discussion is heating up around injury benefit plans for Texas workers. ARAWC released the finale to its "Innovation Series" (link below, in case you missed it), and is planning its annual meeting for October 2. Also, did you know that Brian Allen is speaking at the PartnerSource Employers' Conference? He will share his perspective on best practices and trends he is seeing from across the country (Oct. 2-4 - don't miss it!). Do you have your copy of the 2019 Texas Nonsubscription industry's historical settlements and judgments data? See below for more, as well as our new feature, "Five Questions With," which highlights the incredible people of PartnerSource.

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Benefits. Immigration reform. Changes in pharmacy and a look ahead to the 2020 election year: Workers’ comp expert discusses the latest.

Brian Allen, vice president of Government Affairs at Mitchell, will present the latest trends in workers’ compensation legislation, both in Texas and nationwide. An expert in high demand, Allen travels continually across America, advising insurance companies, employers, legislators, regulators and other workers’ compensation interest groups.  He is widely considered one of the most influential and top minds in the industry, and he will speak at the PartnerSource Employers’ Conference, to be held in Irving, Texas, October 2-4.

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Just released: Texas Nonsubscription Industry’s Largest Settlements & Judgments

The 2019 update to the Texas Nonsubscription industry’s historical settlements & judgments is now available from PartnerSource. This information, updated annually, reflects a survey of settlements and judgments of $1,000,000 or more for employers who pursue an alternative to Texas workers’ compensation.  This liability exposure is real, a powerful force for good, manageable, and fully insurable.  PartnerSource clients continue to outperform the industry.

Have questions? For a detailed conversation on the subject, please contact Russell Huber.

Learn the Latest: Association for Responsible Alternatives to Workers’ Compensation Releases Innovation Series

This summer, ARAWC released important background on the history of responsible Texas injury benefit plans, and addressed the key aspects of these in its six-part Innovation Series:

·      Employee Advocacy

·      Active Engagement

·      Better Medical Outcomes

·      Improved Benefits

·      Lower Costs

This series of brief articles and videos deliver a clear and compelling view of how Texas injury benefit programs operate as an alternative to traditional workers’ compensation by bringing to life the stories of injured workers experiencing better medical outcomes and improved benefits, along with employer cost savings.

Visit the ARAWC home page to see the series in its entirety, and learn how you can be a part of the movement toward responsible alternatives to workers’ compensation.

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Five Questions with: Kelly Norwood 

Meet Kelly Norwood, vice president of PartnerShip Services, who has been with PartnerSource for 13 years.

What are “PartnerShip” services?
This is any service or communication needed to coordinate benefits between our clients, claim service partners, and plan participants. Our deliverable services include claim oversight, audits, file reviews, and more, but we spent a lot of time coordinating communications to ensure decisions are appropriate and that claims are handled correctly.

We also help clients track their work injury program performance throughout the year, helping them understand where program dollars are being spent and ensuring a healthy distribution of medical and disability benefits.  If program dollars are not in balance, we can further analyze claim data for a diagnosis and solution. Sometimes, this means adjusting a plan provision, timeframe or requirement, or can be as simple as training employees and managers to better understand their plan.

Where are you from?
Fairfield. It’s a town in Central Texas.

Favorite vacation spot?
I’m a mountain person, but my wife and three kids are all beach people! We went to Colorado this year and I think I made some in-roads in getting them out to the mountains.  We used to go to CO when I was young, and I could live in the mountains, for sure.

What is something about you that people might be surprised to learn?
Perhaps that I am an Eagle Scout. My Eagle Scout project was to build a new, 35-foot flagpole for the football field so that our state and national flags could be displayed on a pole, rather than just held by hand. We designed it in a way that they could move it. Some years later, they actually did move the stadium, and they were able to unbolt the flagpole, take it to the new location, and reset it.  I am still in touch with my Scout master, who is a great leader and community servant.

How does PartnerSource make a difference?
Our services add a level of sophistication to this relatively new way to manage work injuries by coordinating all the different components that are required to do that correctly, including insurance, claims service, and dispute resolution. We help ensure things are done in a respectful manner, the same way we would want things communicated to our own families. When someone is injured, it can be life-changing. We serve in an advocacy role for both the employee and the employer, taking care of all of them through this situation. On the flip side, when medical or circumstantial evidence doesn’t support an injury claim, we challenge those, and that’s good, too.  We make a huge difference for our clients when we’re taking care of someone who is severely injured, or when we are keeping bad players out of the system.

PartnerSource in the Community

PartnerSource believes strongly in contributing to our community. We love giving back, and volunteering at the North Texas Food Bank is a wonderful way to help people in need. Our team enjoyed our time there!   To learn more about how your team can volunteer for the North Texas Food Bank, visit

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