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SSCN Registration Details:
Company Name – Sport for Social Change Network (SSCN) Southern Africa NPC
Company number – 2012/159379/08
Registered date – 03/09/2012

SSCN Embarks on an Online campaign #REDCARDUNREST

"Never Let a good Crisis go to waste"- Winston Churchill

Sport for Social Change Network launched its advocacy online campaign #REDCARDUNREST on the 16th July 2021 in the light of what was taking place in the Country (Mass Looting, Violence and civil unrest). The Sport for Social change Network partnered with various stakeholders (The Department of Sports Arts and Culture, Federations and South African SSCN Members) to engage in a call and unite voices and stand together in solidarity for the dream of a Rainbow Nation

The stakeholders were provided with a key message where they had to record themselves reading the script in their native language so that the message of HOPE can be well received by their respective community members and promote the spirit of peace and reconciliation among the people

The Key Message “Our communities, businesses and people are suffering. Stop the Looting, Stop the destruction of property, and Stop attacking each other As a sportsperson and Proud South African I say: Let's give Unrest the red card”

If there was ever a time, We as the Sport for Peace and Development sector we need to step up and stay true to our calling, Now is the TIME to act through our programmes and other means and instill the spirit of unity and peace to our community members . “If not us, who, And if not now, when?” John Lewis


Skateistan South Africa : Features in ep 2 of 'A Simple Path' on Insight TV

Skateistan South Africa features in ep 2 of 'A Simple Path' on Insight TV. Yann Horowitz went to Skateistan in Johannesburg to meet our staff and students and get to know the community around our Skate School made possible by Vans. The full season of A Simple Path is available on Insight TV.

INSIGHT TV is the first interactive channel that brings a new experience to this generation’s audience by shooting and broadcasting content in Ultra HD. Advertisers now have more opportunities to engage with viewers and viewers themselves have the power to play their own part in the programs they watch.

Skateistan is an award-winning international non-profit organization empowering children through skateboarding and education in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. Through our innovative programs; Outreach, Skate and Create, Back-to-School, Dropping In and Youth Leadership, we give children the opportunity to become leaders for a better world.
Enos Rankwe – We provide a safe space where we try to change the world by producing young leaders
Jeanne Nduwa – I used to be a student at Skateistan , I am now a educator , and I am a role model to the young kids.

Borussia Commondale : Dispensing of masks and Disinfectants to their beneficiaries

United Through Sport -  Cara Receives Scholarship to Play Football Overseas

Cara is one of our Youth Rising Programme participants who has recently received a scholarship to play football at Tennessee Wesleyan University in the United States. She has always had a dream to play overseas and has worked hard to achieve her goals!

From a young age, Cara has been passionate about playing football and has pursued her passion. Growing up, there weren’t many girls teams for her to join but she didn’t let that dissuade her and so she joined the boy’s teams. As she got older, more options opened up for her and she now plays for the semi-professional South African Women’s League.

Receiving a scholarship to play overseas means that she is one step closer to achieving her goal of becoming a professional football player. While Cara prepares to study and play overseas she is still actively involved in the United Through Sport Youth Rising Programme, receiving one-on-one mentorship and coaching younger football players from her area. She is focused on preparing herself to study and play overseas. We are excited to continue to support her on her pathway to success and your support will get her one step closer to reaching her goal!


Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO)Mental Health Awareness programme 

Yoneco is a non-governmental organization that is committed to empowering the youth, women and children; promoting good health, human rights and democracy, adapting and mitigating effects of climate change; and conducting research for evidence based programming and advocacy.

The issue of Mental health problems remain an enigma among community members and young people in Malawi. More often than not, the society associates mental health illnesses with witchcraft and other spiritual beliefs.

In response to the growing demand for mental health information among the youth, YONECO conducted an awareness session at Sir Green Jones High School in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Zulu in Mchinji district. A total of 52 young people (18 male students and 34 female students) attended the session.During the session, young people engaged with YONECO officers on early warning signs, causes, effects and coping mechanisms regarding mental health.

YONECO officer, Thomas Mvwala urged the youth to seek support when they are not feeling well. He highlighted that they can report to Mchinji District Hospital or to YONECO Office in the district where they can get free counselling services. 


 Nemato Change a Life celebrated its 15th birthday of existence !

Nemato Change a Life celebrated its 15th birthday on 16 June 2021 of existence.On Youth Day in 2006 Minister of Sport Stofile came to Nelson Mandela Township (Nemato) in Port Alfred for the official opening of our organisation as Nemato Rowing Club. Soon after the start of our township rowing club it became clear how severely disadvantaged our youth is, and we turned from a sports club into a youth empowerment organisation with sport as one of the empowerment tools.

We tried soccer and netball as additional sports, but those sports didn't offer our athletes opportunities to compete outside our township. We now only offer small Olympic sports: rowing, trampoline gymnastics, handball and fencing. That works very well. All committed members compete at least at provincial level and many at national level, including national championships. In all sports we even had athletes competing overseas. Our trampoline gymnasts are most outstanding. They compete at World Championships every year and our trampoline club is the strongest in South Africa, if not in the continent.

Our sports sessions are purely focussed on training for competitions and don't include specific empowerment elements, but it's embedded in a wide range of empowerment activities that we offer in addition to sport. We have a holistic 'cradle to career' approach. We run a support structure for the local township preschools, offer after-school numeracy and maths classes with a feeding programme. We offer computer and internet access and a wide range of skills opportunities, from coding, to playing the piano and from carpentry to doing scientific research, and much more. We assist members to go to college or university and we try to help them find job opportunities. All is made possible by our main funder: the Mike Thomson Change a Life Trust.

We have come a long way, but we are far from finished. There are still many challenges facing our youth. We are looking for ways to offer skills and artisan training. We need to create jobs and are trying to start fly and fish farming. We are also working on a plan to develop a sports centre to lift gymnastics and other sports to Olympic level. We'll be busy for another 15 years!




WPHF Short-Term Women Grants

The Women's Peace & Humanitarian Fund is seeking applications for its Short-Term Grants, an opportunity for civil society organizations to implement urgent projects that address diverse barriers to women’s meaningful participation in a formal peace process or implementation of a peace agreement

WPHF Short-Term Women Grants - Funding Information

  • Grants are awarded up to 100,000 USD for a maximum period of 6 months, and the stream is open to all ODA-eligible countries where formal peace processes or the implementation of peace agreements are taking place.
  • The RRW supports initiatives for a duration of up to six months maximum.
Examples of the types of initiatives or projects include but are not limited to:

·  Advocacy and lobbying campaigns for women’s inclusion in peace and political processes;
·  Advocacy and lobbying campaigns for women’s inclusion in the implementation and monitoring mechanisms of peace agreements;
·  Evidence-based advocacy and collection of data to feed into a process;
·  Preparatory sessions and capacity-building for women participating in decision-making processes;
·  Consultations and community engagement to feed into a specific process;
·  Coalition building and strategizing to influence a specific process;
·  Advocacy events and meetings, cross-border dialogues;
·  Strategic planning projects to identify entry points and stakeholders, to strategize, access support and connection with key stakeholders for bilateral meetings/consultations/dialogues and more;
·  Organizing and drafting participatory declarations/demands to influence decision-making processes.
For more information and application details please click on the website link below




The SSCN is a proudly African founded and driven organization with over 80 non-government affiliates (members) working in some of the most poorest countries and communities. We have a solid track record spanning 12 years. Please help us and donate, any amount is welcomed.

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