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Company Name – Sport for Social Change Network (SSCN) Southern Africa NPC
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Sports for Social Change Network (SSCN) Africa 
–Jobs Fund Workshop
The Sport for Social Change Network organized a workshop on the 4th-6th April 2022 at the Birchwood Hotel regarding the implementation of the National Youth Service Programme (NYS) funded by the Jobs Fund. The primary aim of the National Youth Service programme (NYS) is to mobilise young people (18-35) to become active citizens of the country’s democracy, while earning an income and increasing their employability, build patriotism, promote nation-building, foster social cohesion and to assist the youth to acquire occupational skills necessary to access sustainable livelihood opportunities.

The Sport for Social Change Network conducted a call for application for its members for the National Youth Service opportunity and 6-member organization were successful in their application and they will be the implementing partners for the programme. The selected member organization are listed below and had representative attending the workshop.
  1. Altus Sport – 1 Representative
  2. Children of the Dawn – 3 Representative
  3. Special Olympics South Africa - 8 Representative
  4. SCORE – 3 Representative
  5. Skateistan South Africa – 2 Representative
  6. Tidimalong Aftercare Centre – 2 Representative
During the workshop the implementing partners got an opportunity to participate in a number of informative sessions, one of which was team building activities and later on each implementing partner was given an opportunity to present what they will be implementing in this programme.
The Workshop was a success, the implementing members are excited to start with the project, as they will be adding value to the youth in their respective communities and ensuring that the youth become active and upskill themselves in learning of skills and obtaining experience that they can use for further job opportunities


Hoops4hope - Ubuntu Trophy 
Ubuntu is a Nguni Bantu term meaning "humanity". It is sometimes translated as "I am because we are" (also "I am because you are"),or "humanity towards others". There are various definitions of the word "Ubuntu". The most recent definition was provided by the African Journal of Social Work (AJSW). The journal defined ubuntu as:
A collection of values and practices that people of Africa or of African origin view as making people authentic human beings. While the nuances of these values and practices vary across different ethnic groups, they all point to one thing – an authentic individual human being is part of a larger and more significant relational, communal, societal, environmental, and spiritual world.
Over a decade ago, Bobbito Garcia was awarded with our Ubuntu Trophy for his relentless support and dedication to Hoops 4 Hope. He gathered his famous friends on his ESPN TV show to donate their signed sneakers that were auctioned at our fundraiser, so kids in Zimbabwe and South Africa could continue playing and participating in our programs. He also supported the construction of a basketball court in Zimbabwe that was built in his name.

Thank you Bobbito for your unwavering Ubuntu!
#ubuntuspotlight #leadership #shoes #sportsdoinggood #basketball
Balamu Community Outreach Program-
Mukono Junior Teams Challenge Gala

Balamu Community Outreach Program (BACOP) is an independent and non-profit Community organization based in Uganda. It serves an extensive number of local communities including Kabembe, Kiyunga, and Kyampisi: all in Mukono District – Uganda. BACOP was founded in 2012 with the main purpose of serving the community. The organization brings together groups of community members who are dedicated to improving the livelihood of local communities through education, skill development, and provision of health services.
The organization is using sport as a tool for social change, creating peace and harmony in the community, joy, and happiness, and access to education through sports.
Across the communities that BACOP works in it works in Wasswa community and Marte Camps are very vulnerable communities affected by poor hygiene, lack of access to clean water, high poverty rate, and no access to education for the kids, child abuses and bullying and many other challenges however it is even worse in Marte camps.

BACOP participated in the Mukono Junior Teams Challenge Gala on the Easter Monday in which the U11players became Champions of Mukono Region it was Joyful with happiness we have after working hard for some years without winning the competition and most of the time we are being knocked out   on the semi-finals and sometimes the referees were unfair with us but this time we made it. This victory is for all of us friends and sponsors it’s our victory we are all champions we made.

The kid who is our captain (Adriko Geoffrey) won the award of the Most Valuable player you will see his photo stand with a Trophy and his certificate of the Most Valuable player.
Football to the children is all about fun and happiness however participating in the competitions helps the children to understand every hard work there is a reward and more joy.

On Tuesday the U11 participants and coaches’ partied through Marte Camps and the Wasswa Community with their medals and trophy, the parity was done with singing and dancing, from the kids as they share their achievement with the community and the community residences where excited to welcome the champions.
Zam City Academy(ZCA) Sports- 
Sport for Life Event
Zam City Academy (ZCA) is a youth-led community initiative founded in 2015 that works to promote mentorship programs, sports, health and education in order to address the various challenges affecting young people in Zambezi District, Zambia. ZCA celebrates sport as an effective way to tackle pressing social issues and advance a more peaceful and sustainable society.

This past weekend Zam City Academy Sports Organisation held a sport for life event, which its main objective is to give young people the opportunity to participate in all sporting disciplines. The event took place at Zambezi Primary Sports Grounds of North-western Province in Zambia.

This past week theme was equality through sport for human development with participants taking part in 11 sports disciplines among them they also took part in martial arts, gymnastics, athletics, high jump, traditional games, tag of war, teqball, badminton and football and aerobics exercises.

The event reached 550 young people


Peace and Sports-
White Card



For more than 15 years, Peace and Sport has been a force for peace, supported by athletes and Champions for Peace worldwide. The leadership of these athletes brings hope to people and challenges decision-makers. A notable example of this is when Didier Drogba, Vice-President of Peace and Sport, and his teammates launched the ‘Khartoum appeal’ peace process in the Ivory Coast in 2005. Today, Peace and Sport is calling for unity by asking everyone to demonstrate their commitment to dialogue by raising their #WhiteCard, a symbol of peace through sport.

A short time ago at the Beijing Olympics, which now feels like an age, a gesture of sporting fraternity marked the medal ceremony for the freestyle ski jumping event. After winning the first medal for his country, Oleksandr Abramenko from Ukraine gave a long hug to his competitor, Ilia Burov, representative of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) team.

This symbolic embrace on the podium went unnoticed by most. A few days later, Russian tanks would cross the border dividing the two countries – war chosen over dialogue.
Since then, sanctions have been imposed in finance, business, and many more areas. In addition, sports institutions worldwide have legitimately added their exclusion measures against this unacceptable violation of international law through an attack on a sovereign State.

Should Abramenko and Burov's hug be relegated to the past? That would be a failing to acknowledge sport's ability to bring people together and bridge gaps. That would be to overlook the fact that sport, with its neutrality, equality, and universality, is an excellent medium for fostering peace and discourse. That would be to overlook the existence of a global community dedicated to peace through sport, which goes beyond dividing boundaries and killing weapons. This group shares common beliefs and believes in the power of "soft diplomacy" and the beneficial impact it can have on society.
Many instances of projects in recent years have made it possible to overcome hatred and division and provide remedies in areas affected around the world.

For more information


 Webinar: Sport for All & Education
Join TAFISA and Liverpool John Moores University for a webinar on how the Sport for All movement can be utilised to benefit and enhance education.

Thu, 04/28/2022

We are happy to announce that "Sport for All & Education", the seventh event in the Mission 2030 Workshop Series, will be hosted on 28 April 2022, 12:00 – 14:00 (UTC+2/CET) by TAFISA and Liverpool John Moores University.
The Workshop will explore how Sport for All can be utilised to benefit and enhance education, looking at a diverse range of aspects from Physical Education and organised sport activities helping children develop social, emotional, leadership, and other important life skills, to initiatives utilising sport to provide formal and informal educational opportunities.
Learn from the insights and experience of:
  • Liverpool John Moores University
  • Liverpool FC Foundation
  • Young Bafana Soccer Academy
  • Skateistan
  • Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees
View the full webinar programme. 
Participation to the Workshop is free and open to everyone!

The SSCN is a proudly African founded and driven organization with over 80 non-government affiliates (members) working in some of the most poorest countries and communities. We have a solid track record spanning 12 years. Please help us and donate, any amount is welcomed.

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