Nursery Process
Updates and Reminders

Dear Greeters & Hospitality Team,
I wanted to update you on where things stand with the transitions in Uptown Kids. Holly has officially rolled off of staff, and I’m currently splitting my time between Women’s Ministry and Uptown Kids. This means increasingly less time on the 1st floor on Sunday mornings (a prospect that leaves me with mixed feelings, because I love those Uptown Kids!). 
Beginning in February, Cheryl Anne Butts & Anna Coker will be sharing the Sunday morning Uptown Kids staff role and I’ll primarily focus on the weekday Uptown Kids work. We will let you know each week which of them is on duty so you’ll know who to go to with the on-the-spot questions. 
Amidst the changes I wanted to send some reminders / updates to our nursery process:
  • Officers are working on an updated security plan. 
  • For now, the walkie-talkie (that calls the police officers and deacon on duty) should remain INSIDE the nursery hall (so you can access in a situation where you’ve needed to close the nursery hallway doors).
  • Once the rush of people has ended, you can close one of the nursery hallway doors to further limit access. Feel free to re-open when parents start arriving again for pickup! 
9:00 Greeters: 
  • Please arrive at 8:35 to set up the cart for volunteers to sign in at 8:45 and then get classrooms ready (lights, chairs, etc). We love getting your families involved and giving kids a sense of service and purpose, so feel free to involve them!
  •  Be ready at 8:45 to greet volunteers and visitors. We’d love for your husbands to greet with you – in practice they’re needed in the nursery rooms as volunteers straggle in, but ideally, they are a part of a team who warmly greets and escorts the visitor to classes. 
  • Take complete ownership to shuffle volunteers as needed; at 9:30 you can release un-needed volunteers.
  • Have volunteers tidy & clean the rooms, and make notes for staff to follow up on during the week. 
10:30 Greeters:
  • Please arrive by 10:10. A staff member may or may not be available to oversee the transition time, so it’s incumbent on our wonderful greeters to hand off, communicate needs, and then be ready and available to greet the next crop of volunteers and any visitors!
  • Have the volunteers tidy/clean the rooms, then make notes on anything the staff needs to see to that week.
  • Please have the infants class volunteers strip slept-in cribs and turn off the sound machine.
  • After all children are picked up, turn out lights in each room and pull the cart back into the nursery hallway. Plug the power strip into the outlet and the iPad charging cables into the iPads.
  • The lock-up deacon will know the area is ready to be closed up when he sees the cart put away and the lights all out. 
It’s our hope that among this group, you can sub between yourselves regardless of which hour you’re used to serving.
THANK YOU for being such a crucial piece of this ministry. You are the first touchpoint for the visitor with young children and integral to Uptown Kids.
See you Sunday, 
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