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It's all too easy to get disconnected...

Especially with how many of us are more isolated than usual with COVID-19. I certainly felt frustrated/lonely from this at the beginning of the month. 😕

But luckily, that forced me to reconnect with the people I'm close to throughout October! 🤗 I feel incredibly lucky to have amazing people to learn from, and quickly wanted to share some lessons from the past month:

  • People make the world go around. 🌎 Anything meaningful you do in life will be a team-effort. But it's not just about work. It's the two relationships in your life that keep you happy enough to work over the years. It's when you meet someone new and they say one sentence that COMPLETELY changes your perspective on something. People are what I most consistently undervalue in my life. How about you? 
  • The universe doesn't owe you anything. In English class, they told me any story has two fundamental struggles - us vs. the world and us vs. ourself. This month, I realised that many of our 'world' struggles are really 'our-expectations-of-the-world' struggles. If we change our expectations, we can take away a lot of our problems.  And as I start practicing how to be okay with accepting what happens as it comes, I've started to be a lot happier. I challenge you to put your happiness before your goals as well :-) 
And some quick tidbits about my goals this month 😉
  • I gave an interview about the nitty-gritty details of plastic pollution on the Indisposable Podcast!
  • I recorded 8 podcasts with incredible problem-solvers on topics like food insecurity in Africa and how engineers are responding to climate change
  • I mentored 4 teens who are starting a journey I started two years ago at TKS. Biggest lesson? People like stories a lot more than they like advice 😁
  • I learned the basics of negotiation this month. Biggest mistake I had to fix? Focusing on positions (what people want) over interests (why they want it).
Overall, I definitely experienced the value of stopping to listen this month. It was a tough start full of difficult decisions to be made, but having the courage to make them let me find hidden value in the things all around me! If you're also caught up in one particular worry, I hope you're able to reconnect with everything else that might become out of focus. Best of luck on your journey (and feel free to let me know how it goes) and I'll see you next month! 👋
“Start right now. Take a small step you can call your own.” - David Whyte
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