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I asked this founder about the worst part of startups...

He said one word...  "Work." 😋

That's been the theme of this month. But hey, I like to work and I got to learn along the way! So here are three big lessons from the start to 2021! 

  1. Don't be a victim. As an immigrant, I've moved around a lot in life. Honestly, there was BOTH good and bad in each change. Not being a victim is about focusing on the good. Focusing on the next opportunity over past failures. 😤 In the end, more attempts = more successes (and failures). There's no silver-bullet to make all your tries more successful. But there's a clear-cut solution to having more total successes: less self-pity, more attempts. 
  2. Placebos are practical. Let's say I'm lonely when going on a run. I talk to the trees that I'm running past: "Okay, Mr. Tree. Let's make a deal. Most people that run past you don't smile. That musn't be fun. So I'll smile and I'll be happy and you'll have better sights to see!" Now, is it crazy to talk to trees? Maybe. But I end up happier than if I were rational. If some happiness makes more sense than no happiness, it makes sense not to make sense. 🙃
  3. Relationships are compound investments. Even a 30-minute conversation can have future benefits! I've met SO many mentors like that, but the short conversations were followed by emails, getting advice, etc. over YEARS! Remember that you, others, and the world are always changing. You can't ever tell how much value a relationship can bring over SO many phases of life! So just smile and approach each one as a new opportunity 😉
And speaking of opportunities, these are my lucky experiences from January:
  • I'm testing a platform to get customers' feedback to businesses. We're testing new ideas every week so there are lots of discoveries to come!
  • I'm following my curiosity with scientists on my podcast. Here's a 2-minute snippet on how worms are literally RESHAPING the planet.🤓
  • In three months, I will be free from high school!! Two courses to go 😤
  • I built this collection of insightful documentaries. Ex. I learned kids in rural China live alone for months while their parents work in urban centres :-(
I'm grateful to not have to work like that in my life... I'm lucky to have worked like I did last month :-) Next month, I'll keep connecting startups with customers + learn from historians on my podcast + level up my public speaking! If you have any questions or any lessons to share, I'd love to hear from you + I'll get back in touch soon👋
“Is there anything missing from this moment? Is this moment not complete in itself?" - Sam Harris
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