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No one can beat you at being you...

But we spend most of our time competing to be more like someone else. 

Personally, I got a little tired of this in November (especially with university applications). BUT, I'm finally done!! So, for this update, I'm stopping to be more ME. And "ME" would love to share three lessons I learned recently 🤓

  1. PSA: We can't turn back time. Though this seems obvious, I don't act like it. For example, I catch myself dreaming about being in elementary school again (with fewer worries). Or, being close to an old friend again like before. From my personal life to timeless stories like The Great Gatsby, humans are often trying to turn back time without realising it. In the end, we have to accept we can't. So here's a 30-second tip for that. 🕒
  2. No one can get you what you want... when you don't know what you want. I learned this in an incredibly boring college prep webinar. Why was it boring? Because no number of application hacks can compensate for me just sitting down to make hard decisions about my future. Instead of hoping the 'glamorous' ✨Harvard students ✨ will magically get me what I want, I have to decide what it is in the first place.
  3. To discover, you have to ask. And the more stupid the question you ask, the more fundamental the discovery will be. A 4-year-old asks 300 questions a day. But slowly, we get trained out of it. In my high school classes, I am LITERALLY the only one asking questions 95% of classes. But as I learned this month, the most successful discoveries are made by 'stupid' questions.
And speaking of discoveries, these were my insightful experiences this month 😉
  • I've been interviewing several businesses about their challenges with sustainability. Soon, I'll be creating a project to help them with these issues!
  • I learned how to write more effectively. Like by turning me sitting on my bed into an entire story!
  • I recorded 5 podcasts with incredible researchers on topics like planet-wide geoengineering and philosophical insights in evolution
  • University applications really make you reflect on the high school journey. I wrote about the insights I'm only now realising (like philosophy in math class)!
And with that said, those are some of my ME thoughts for November! 😉 I'm glad I decided to be more ME after university applications and am incredibly excited about going back to doing what matters more. Next month, I'll be reflecting on ALL of 2020 instead of just December, so I'll look forward to getting in touch soon! 👋
“ We are always in a process of becoming and nothing is fixed.” - Bruce Lee
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