Hi <<First Name>>!

I hope you're doing well :-) I'm quickly sending an update on my past month! 

In terms of work:
  • I'm researching issues with testing electronics like solar panels, batteries, etc. I published an article to explain why this process is SO slow...  😭
  • I created a compilation of insightful TED talks and documentaries! I'll create an entire website with resources (like games for virtual calls) soon!
  • I learned a LOT about creating products from reading The Mom Test, The Lean Startup, and Stanford Design School's Design Manual.
  • I finally interviewed archaeologists on my podcast! I learned things I didn't even KNOW existed - like how silver mines in colonial Peru were run. 💿
  • I was accepted to my dream university: I'm headed to Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo! 🎓
Three Lessons Learned:
  1. I'm easily distracted in the digital world :/ Ex. I'll automatically check emails between virtual calls. It takes more willpower to do NOTHING than to do something. 🧠 To be productive now, I ask myself: "What do I need to do that takes the most intention?" I think intentional work > 'actionable' work.
  2. I first consider what is expected, then what is possible. Ex. I won't leave virtual classes, even if I'm done all my work and BADLY want to go outside in the sun🌞 To overcome unhelpful instincts like this, I've started a decisions tracker where I record how I make a decision any time I have to think twice. As I spot unhelpful instinctual decisions, I challenge my instincts. Ex. Go for a run, even if it's almost time for class.
  3. Notice thoughts as if they're scientific observations. I've been struggling with loneliness recently, so don't want my thoughts to run amok. Out of countless tips to control my thoughts, this was the most helpful! I just say: "I notice I feel worried about... I notice I was imagining that... etc." 🤔 This isn't just for mental health - it lets me better UNDERSTAND myself. Ex. I randomly realised I feel more aggressive when I do physical exercise.
I'd also love to hear how you're doing! Are there any new habits / goals you're working towards?

P.S. What do you think of the 'simpler' email? :-)

Have feedback on how to improve my updates? I'd love to hear from you! 🙏

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