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You see most intently in darkness... 

While you easily miss important details in the light 😶 February was a month of darkness. But it taught me how to see what really matters:

  1. Be the supporter I wish I had. I've felt lonely at times this month. I was struggling to help myself move on. But what helped ME was simply to help OTHERS! 🤗 Ex. This week, a student at my school sadly passed away. My friends were closer to her than I was. So I supported them with the attention I would've wanted in that situation. I started class discussions on letting go of troubling thoughts + asked my friends about their emotional health + told them I appreciate them. And at the end of the day, I slept better than I had all month KNOWING I could be helpful to others 😊
  2. Expect more from myself and less from others. If I envision others doing bad things, either I'll brace myself for the bad or I'll be surprised by the good. A practical way to start this during COVID-19 is to imagine people won't show up for calls (and then thank them for being reliable when they do)! It's a simple tool to be disappointed less!
  3. Bad question, bad answer. This month, I realised I was biasing people to give me false answers to every question I asked 😦 So how to ask unbiased questions? Remind them it's okay to be honest. Verify their answers by asking for examples. NEVER mention any ideas you already have!! This has helped in work (stopping unpromising projects) AND life (finally learning how to support my best friend's mental health). ❤️️
With work too, things didn't always turn out how I wanted. But I sure did learn:
  • After 30+ interviews and learning HOW to ask for feedback properly, we found several issues with a forum I built to share sustainability ideas with startups. But I'm still searching for the next idea for a sustainable future 😉
  • I wanted to interview archaeologists on my podcast this month. I got a bit distracted though 😁 So instead, I learned how public customs data can reveal that Walmart uses illegally-cut Russian timber??? 👀
  • My best friend finally helped me move on from months of loneliness during the pandemic. 🥰️ These are 5 lessons I learned from the experience.
  • I taught friends practical exercises I've learned from meditating for a year. 🧠 Ex. Imagine you're doing any activity for the last time to enjoy it more!
With that said, I genuinely appreciate this month's challenges :-) I know I'll face worse in life, so I appreciate this opportunity to 'practice' and grow! Others are dealing with darkness too in these times. Feel free to reach out if I can help in any way and I hope you'll also be stronger from your present difficulties! ❤️️
““Pain is a good thing physically because that is your self-preservation mechanism. But suffering is something that you do in your mind." - Sadhguru
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