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Sometimes, A Step Back is Better than A Step Forward...

That's been what September feels like for me as I've had to very carefully choose what to spend time on. What with side projects, work commitments, and the start of school, it's DEFINITELY been a very careful balancing act! 😦

Still, I've been getting closer to finding the right balance, so here are some things on my plate:

  • I've been continuing my work at The Plastic Shift, now being lucky enough to interview several businesses about their challenges in transitioning towards zero waste. I'm very grateful to have these conversations as we move towards our long-term goal of helping make sustainability easier!
  • I've also been continuing to learn about all the things that I never knew existed from my podcast, The Knowledge Archives. Over the past month, I've been lucky enough to interview 13 researchers and it's always the topics I least expect to be interesting that surprise me!
  • I've continued to build personal projects to learn technical skills. My favourite one was a stock tracking app that taught me how to visualise data online!
  • Finally, school and university planning has definitely taken a toll on me with the new online environment 😴 I'm getting busier than ever with university and scholarship applications, though it's nice to be back and learning again. 
I've also been lucky in being able to learn some surprising lessons this month! 🎓
  • There are many correct ways to represent reality. I had a physics lesson where we learned to represent motion with angles and distances instead of x and y coordinates. Both approaches were correct. But one was easier to apply. Similarly, in real life, there are many ways to break down complicated ideas. But the one you choose influences how hard you make the situation.
  • You can't be successful when you haven't defined success. You can take that literally, but it's not pedantic. While you can't predict exactly how to be successful in the future, it's really hard to make valuable decisions in the long run if you don't know what you're pursuing. I recently wrote down some ideas of what I want to achieve in 5 years and it's created SO much clarity!
Moving forward, I hope to hold myself accountable to these goals over the years to come. It's definitely busy starting to apply to universities, get finances in order, etc. but I'm looking forward to the opportunities that come out of these changes! I'll keep you up to date on what happens next month and until then, I'd also love to hear about the changes you're making the most of in your life! 
“If society can train you, it can train someone else, and replace you.” - Naval Ravikant
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