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2020 Has Been Quite the Journey...

This month, I just stopped to look back on this crazy year. Sometimes, it felt unfair. Sometimes, it felt demoralising. But in the end, I KNOW I grew from 2020. 🙏

I wanted to wrap up this journey being thankful. That's why I wrote up my second-ever yearly reflection. It's not a 55-minute article like last year 😁 It's a series of mini-lessons actually. Here are some splendid snippets:

  • So many of our thoughts are just planning for the future and reminiscing about the past. 🤔
  • These days right NOW... these are the good old days I’ll look back on. 
  • If you find you’re always right, you’re not making hard enough decisions.
  • Employees see their work as a task. Owners see their work as an opportunity. 💪
  • I think the path of humility is a better path for humanity 
I know you're probably busy with something else right now, but I've really put a lot of thought into this :-) I'd love to hear what you think if you take a look later!

Asides from that, I've been working on a major project based on what I've learned from sustainable businesses. We're trying to connect small businesses to consumers, so they can directly hear what customers want/will pay for. It's been a source of HUGE technical growth, a lot of soft skills, and a whole lot of time spent debugging too 😁 By next month, it should be live if you want to check it out!

Finally, I've been learning as ever :-) I'm still interviewing researchers (warning: math ahead 🙃) and also learning about myself. Recently, I was feeling a bit down, but I also realised the value of that. I'm more willing to make changes to relationships / projects that aren't working when I'm sad for example!

It's all a unique mix of experiences in time that I'll never get back. So I'm grateful to have lived through another month of growth! I hope this continues in my life and in your life too. And I'll look forward to seeing you next month 👋
“May we accept the moments when what shouldn’t happen does happen and the moments when what should happen doesn’t happen.” - My Economics Teacher
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