Hi <<First Name>>!

How has June been for you? :-) On my end, I'm quickly sending this June update! 

In terms of work:
  • I finally finished Andrew Ng's machine learning course. It's kind of the 'AI 101' that every beginner must do, so I'm proud of it!
  • With my recent podcasts, I learned about modelling COVID's effect on the economy + how to start entrepreneurship as an immigrant, ecommerce tips, and business mistakes that can take 3 years to fix. 😮
  • I interviewed 17 experts on sustainability! The biggest lesson was actually a soft skill: to learn to negotiate. These are my notes from a book that a EU policymaker recommended 😉 
  • I'm done researching issues with carbon capture! If you're curious about the area, check out this infographic.
  • I've been researching green finance! It's honestly more interesting than I thought it would be... here's a list of cool green finance initiatives I found 🧠
  • I'm going crazy with keyboard shortcuts 😅 Did you know workers spend over 45 days/year just typing??? That's a lot of time that could be saved. If you also want to learn, here's how I'm saving time with Gmail and Notion.
And here are some personal lessons:
  1. Productivity  Effectiveness - Navid Nathoo. I can finish everything I plan, but if I don't work on the right things, then I'm not effective. Especially if I focus on efficiency without reflecting on whether I'm pursuing the right goals. 🤔 
  2. Work with constraints. Constraints let you evaluate decent opportunities vs. great opportunities. One practical way to work with constraints is to set a timer and WRITE DOWN A GOAL. Ex: "In 30 minutes, I will finish these 10 email responses." 
  3. I literally CANNOT listen to others if I have a goal in mind 😦 Ex: I spent an entire hour with a friend thinking: "I wonder how I can bring up a game I want to play in this conversation?" Of course, I didn't remember anything he said 😢 To fix this, I'm forcing myself to pay attention in a conversation by saying back what I heard. Like this: "So to say back what I heard, you're saying..."
Finally, some random resources that I didn't mention above :-)
  1. Surprisingly-effective exercises for posture (especially your back and neck): cobra pose (yoga), bow pose (yoga), and squeezing your shoulder blades together.
  2. I've been enjoying choose-your-own-adventures games a lot recently! For example, mysteries where you're given clues and have to find the solution. Here's one I like.
  3. This Chrome extension that my friend, Jibraan Kadri, sent me. It shows little quotes full of wisdom every time you open a new tab!
I'd also love to hear how you're doing! What's a new thing you realised about yourself this month? 

P.S. Any feedback on how I can improve the next update? 


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