Hi <<First Name>>!

I hope you're doing well :-) I'm quickly sending an update on my past month! 

In terms of work:
And here are some personal lessons:
  1. What makes life worth living? I noticed the answer to this big question is... my values. Ex: I value helping others. I enjoy moments of calm (ex: listening to bird songs). Even if others say: "You seem like you're 60..." - it doesn't matter. I value what I value. Why would I listen to others instead of living the life I want?
  2. I always thought the point of social media was to tell the world what I'm up to. But I never enjoyed that... I can't learn new things while telling others what I know! So now, I do this challenge: "You HAVE to leave a compliment on the first 10 posts you see, even if you don't know the person, even if it's just an ad" 🙃
  3. When I'm lost, it's time to work backwards. Otherwise things get inefficient. For example, I couldn't understand the calculus behind AI. SO, I decided to go back to the basics and relearn all of calculus! Weeks later, I tried the AI again - but I realised that I only needed two rules from calculus and I didn't even understand those well. 😭 Instead of going back to the basics, I should have asked myself: "What skills will I need to reach my goal? Let me ask experts to find out!"
Finally, some resources I found useful this month (inspired by my friend, Amy Li's newsletter)!
  1. Posture is playing a big role in my virtual life. 😅 I found some exercises to help with back pain + neck pain from sitting by a computer all day. I do the bird dog and dead bug every morning and evening for my lower back. And I do the chin tuck every two hours (only because of this Chrome Extension's reminders :D). I don't feel sore everywhere when going to bed anymore, so I'd highly recommend them!
  2. Sleep is also REALLY important for health. I learned how to improve my sleep via this podcast by a sleep scientist. (Sleeping pills don't work, less light/noise does.)
I'd also love to hear how you're doing! What's a new thing you realised about yourself this month? 

P.S. I'd always appreciate feedback on how to improve my updates :-) 


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