Hi <<First Name>>!

I hope you're doing well :-) I'm quickly sending an update on my past month! 

In terms of work:
  • I've been researching how to speed up laser production tests (summary here)! I recently met industry experts and we might write a research paper together... 💭
  • I've been interviewing entrepreneurs on a podcast I'm going to launch soon! And I already found my first guest from Dragon's Den! 💪 
  • Many people are working on mental health during the pandemic. On my end, I've been compiling ways to boost self-esteem🙂
  • Also, I started a BIG list of games for virtual calls on my website. I'll continue to add more resources to my website next month! 🎉
  • I've been learning how to code AI algorithms from scratch and learn how to work with computers' basic operating systems. 🧠
  • Given how much I'm on virtual calls, I decided to learn how to speak well! One trick I found is to ask yourself tough interview questions. Then, record yourself answering them to find your weaknesses.
And three lessons I learned:
  1. What I love is what I love. I shouldn't deny it because of what others think. Let's say I enjoy reading sci-fi. It's not very 'prestigious'... but why can't it be valuable for myself, even if it isn't for others? By the end of my life, that decision will determine whether I have fun memories or forced ones. 🤔
  2. There are different types of success. I can't have them all at once. 'Work-life balance', meaningful relationships, leaving a legacy... All these require different efforts. But it's not helpful to worry too much about any one of them (I'm likely to miss the others). I like Howard Stevenson's analogy of JUGGLING between different types of successes: "I KEEP worrying about past friendships!! It's okay... let me shift my focus to learning a new career skill instead." 😤
  3. All too often, I find myself watching another 'educational' Youtube video without taking notes, reading another newsletter to 'catch up' with a friend without replying back, etc. It just DOESN'T make sense to me... I know what the general intention behind any activity is. So why would I do it without any intention? If I don't have a goal, I LITERALLY can never win. 
I'd also love to hear how you're doing! What's something that made you surprisingly happy in the last little while?

P.S. I'd always appreciate feedback on how to improve my updates :-) 


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