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Have you had those moments when things just start to 'click'?

That was what August felt like for me, as several projects started to show progress! 🎉 I feel more creative from seeing things like podcasts, websites, videos, etc. come to life!

As the summer comes to a close, I hope others are also seeing their hard work pay off! 🙌 Please feel free to share your summer's highlights with me :-) And in that spirit, here are 3 projects, 2 lessons, and 1 future plan from my end.

3 Projects - Some Technical Difficulties

Throughout the past month, I've been learning how to create web applications. Pretty much every day was a constant struggle though. Whenever I tried to learn technical skills in the past, this would frustrate me and make me ready to give up.

This summer, however, I've had enough time to keep facing those challenges consistently! 😤 And that's finally led to growth as I create new projects (like a simple app that makes shopping lists... which took 2.5 weeks to create).

If anyone else is looking to learn technical skills with design or websites, feel free to reach out for other key tips I've learned! 🔑
Also want to get creative? Try this app to do improv presentations
3 Projects - Progress with Podcasts

Last month, my best friend and I started a podcast where we interview researchers from as many different disciplines as possible! This month, we're really starting to see it take off! 🚀

We've been amazingly fortunate to have the help of 20+ professors / researchers join us for these podcasts. It's like I can finally answer all those 'Why' questions from when I was little!

If you're also curious to learn something new, I would recommend this podcast on the psychology of drug use or this podcast on the uses of X-ray light! 🧠
Or find something else that suits your curiosity here
3 Projects - Slowing Down to Think

As I've come to learn, creativity doesn't come all that naturally in urgent settings. That's why I tried to slow down and reflect this month, in order to really create content that teaches me something new. 💡

Some of my favourite projects include creating a video about lessons from meditating or writing about what makes best friends special!

I think it's important to stop to think clearly so you can connect the dots on what you're doing and its consequences! I'd definitely recommend trying out activities like meditating and journalling to train that skill. 💯
I also made a video about what I learned from work this summer

2 Lessons on Life

What you work on is more important than how hard you work.
  • Determination, reliability, and grit are all very important traits for me. Growing up, the thing that differentiated me from the average student was that I tried harder (not that I was more talented). But that can't solve every problem. 
  • Although it's important to work hard, you CAN work hard on the wrong things. Imagine if Elon Musk spent all his life being very determined to be a great accountant! 😅 I realised this month that I need to seriously think about my long term goals and then ALSO work hard to achieve them.
It's the people that say yes to opportunities. 
  • I've never really been the most outgoing person and I don't really like group events. Growing up, thinking about others was usually tied to nervousness and all sorts of other negative emotions. Recently, however, I've been relying on people more and more (ex. to say yes to interview requests for podcasts). 
  • Thinking about it, you can ALWAYS accomplish more in life with others than by yourself. So if you're going to be as successful as you possibly can, you WILL need to rely on others to help. This means that it's just as important to invest in others as yourself. I definitely have to train this more.

1 Future Plan

So that was my creative August! 🎭 It's been a great month of learning, building new projects, and reflecting! And none of it would have been possible without all the people supporting me along the way, so I'm SO grateful to have had this amazing end to the summer! 🙏🏻

Moving forward, schools are starting up again (in a very uncertain time). I know there will be a lot of challenges adjusting to my final year (and preparing for university). That said, I'm looking forward to taking on the challenge of figuring those details out. Also, I'll continue to learn more through podcasts and new technical skills, so I hope to share more amazing projects soon!

But until then, thank you for coming along this journey with me and I hope to see you next month! 👋
“Humility is by definition a starting point—and it sends you off on a journey from there. The arrogance of certainty is both a starting point and an ending point—no journeys needed.” - Tim Urban
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