Issue # 71 - September 23, 2022
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Hi friends,

Pull out your tiniest violin, for we are about to air one of the most non-urgent struggles of our time. It’s the lack of places to find good fashion and style inspiration. This is coming from people who used to collect fashion magazines; stacked them high in our teenage bedrooms, dogeared the pages. But most of those magazines are a thing of the past, and the ones that remain just don’t have the same oomph.

Visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram held so much promise, but have been overly commercialized and reduced to blandness. Fashion week street style is similar; what used to feel exciting now feels too pre-planned, too “fashion” for real life.

Luckily, there is a new crop of shopping and fashion newsletters to fill the void. As is the case with Gloria, many are helmed by veterans of the industry. And today, we’re sharing five we truly enjoy in our inbox every week.

  • True Style: The genius behind this newsletter is stylist Lakyn Carlton, who doles out smart advice on everything from sustainable shopping to building a capsule wardrobe to tricks for accessorizing.
  • 5 Things You Should Buy: Becky Malinsky knows what she’s talking about, and has really good taste. She’s worked as a fashion editor at Glamour, Lucky, GQ, and the Wall Street Journal, and she also does personal styling. Her new newsletter is definitely one of our must-reads.
  • A Thing or Two: Claire + Erica have been surfacing cool new brands for more than a decade – first through their multi-brand shop Of a Kind, and now through their delightful recommendations newsletter.
  • Worn In, Worn Out: We trust Kitty Guo’s shopping instincts (she canvasses the internet for The Strategist, after all). Every issue is filled with interesting, eclectic, surprising, and deeply sourced finds (all with a bit of Gen Z edge).
  • Girls’ Night In: This soothing missive from Alisha Ramos is always chock-full of inspiration, from products to recipes to things to read.

Scroll on for more shopping, as well as an essay about divorce (and the reactions it prompts from strangers) by writer Allison Robicelli.

Until next week,

Team Gloria

Congratulations on Your Divorce


Image via Getty.

By Allison Robicelli

I never expected anyone to congratulate me for getting divorced. I expected questions. (The answer to all of them is, “none of your fucking business.”) I expected concern. (There were a few weeks where I didn’t shower much, and subsisted mostly on Hostess fruit pies, but I’m doing better now.) But congratulations?

Who the fuck even says that?

Raise your glasses, folks, for something that was once the be-all, end-all of everything I could have ever possibly imagined has vaporized into nothingness! (I’m doing great!)  Let us toast the vast, wondrous universe I built over seventeen years with a person who once owned my whole heart, only for it to supernova the fuck up into goddamn smithereens! (Seriously, fucking great!)

I did not see the congratulations coming. Then again, I didn’t see a lot of things coming.

As a society, we don’t actually have a playbook for responding to divorce, do we? It’s not like divorce is uncommon, and yet it’s hard to react to this perfectly normal news without the words getting jumbled and twisted in your throat. When people die, we offer condolences without hesitation. Everyone knows they’re going to die one day. Divorce, though — nobody can be sure they won’t get their heart broken. That’s the sort of thing nightmares are made of. That’s the sort of thing you look away from as fast as you can and pray (statistics be damned) that it never happens to you.

Then it happens to you anyway.

They say fifty percent of marriages end in divorce (I don’t know if it’s true, but they say it), which means the odds of agonizing existential annihilation are just as good as the odds of happily ever after. Good sense doesn’t stop people from falling in love, though! It didn’t stop us. Love has a way of making you think you’re lucky.

When I tell men about my divorce, they agree it is sad. They all say they’re so sorry. They know it’s a tragedy. They never say congratulations.

Their wives do, though.

Yeah, that surprised me, too.

I can’t assume the reasons for why they congratulate me. I have theories, of course, but ultimately they mean nothing. Who knows why we blurt out the things we do in pleasant company?

The men’s faces make it clear that they see the failure like I do. I mean, we didn’t get married to fail! Divorce might have been for other people, but certainly not for us. We were going to be part of the good fifty percent — the kind that took things seriously and did the work! We did the work for 17 years, and eventually, the work stopped working.

The wives see the disappointment. Maybe they know what it’s like to always feel like you’re failing. Perhaps they know someone who was too scared to leave, or fantasize about doing it themselves. They’ve run the numbers and seen them not add up. They’ve thought about what the neighbors might say. They worry about the kids, the car, the house, the pets. They know what it’s like to always pretend they’re okay.

They know how hard it is to admit when they’re not okay.

I tried. We tried. We really did. Things wore down. Things broke. We put them back together the best we could. They’d break again. We’d slap together whatever was salvageable. We used to be good at this. How did it get so bad? What were we even fighting to save?

I said the thing out loud that I was too scared to say. To him. Everything collapsed and crushed us. 

I loved him with ferocity. I loved him in totality. Things were good, ‘til they weren’t. That’s the long and short of it.

I’m 42 years old and just figuring this out. 

Do men still have faith in true love? Or is it faith they will not fail? I do not know. I’ll never know. All I know is that they always say they’re sorry.

The women I talk to think I’m brave for letting go; for falling apart. They don’t envy my heartache.

But they have faith that I’ll be okay.

The women always say congratulations.

It’s exactly what I need to hear.

We Want: Western-Inspired

Image via @charlotte_husson.

We live in a city in the Northeast, and we’re not trying to pretend that we don’t. But Western-inspired pieces still hold a thrill for us, even if we're just wearing them to our local coffee shop. They are a nice way to shake up basic jeans and a tee, or to tough up a dress. Our most recent obsession started with this look from Stella McCartney’s pre-fall 2022 collection, which is incredible but out of our price range (as is this excellent lookalike R13 fringe jacket). Below, some of our other favorites: boots, hats, denim, belts, and all.

Shop the Story

Tweet of the Week


Good Recs

Reboot. Image via Hulu.

📺 High on our list of plans this weekend is to turn our brains off and indulge in the new Jon Hamm comedy Confess, Fletch. CNN says it offers a “refreshed version of the smart-alecky character Chevy Chase played in the 1980s” and “has a certain breezy charm, not worthy of rushing to a theater but hardly a waste of one’s digital-viewing time.” Bonus: It also stars Hamm’s Mad Men colleague John Slattery.

🖼️ There is a lot to this T Magazine tour of a villa in northeast Italy, but we’re bookmarking it for art-hanging inspiration. Just look at that gallery wall.

👀 You wouldn’t expect an article about waiting in line to see Queen Elizabeth’s coffin to be so profoundly moving, but it is. Not because the author is a monarchist, but because this endurance marathon brings up all sorts of things, such as: The fact that police were monitoring the line (the “queue”), instead of trying to help its elderly participants, because they didn't seem to get the point of why people were there. Or the way she describes the strangers around her, many of whom had recently lost someone in their lives.

🥨 Have you ever gotten excited about pretzels, like really excited? We have not, until we encountered these – they’re buttery, sprinkled with a zesty seasoning blend, and are (as one Amazon review puts it) “pure joy.” We order them in bulk.

📺 Rachel Bloom, who achieved critical acclaim with her surprising musical series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, is back with a very light new comedy on Hulu that gets kind of meta about Hollywood. It’s called Reboot, because it’s about the reboot of a classic sitcom, and the intergenerational strife between OG staff and young new idealistic ones.


Everyone we know is talking about this Harper’s piece on “the right to not be pregnant.” Related: Whew, this story. The fact that Russian troll farms sowed discord and basically brought down the Women’s March should be a bigger story, right? A brief look back at the ‘90s rap-rock craze, and the genre’s most successful single: Crazy Town’s “Butterfly.”

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