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Issue #7 - November 2022

Happy Autumn from the OpenTAP Community!

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The November 2022 issue covers:
  • OpenTAP in Automotive
  • Open Source - Fact vs. Fiction
  • OpenTAP Project Update - New documentation
  • OpenTAP Forum - Signup Now!
  • Upcoming and recent events

OpenTAP in Automotive Applications

Readers typically encounter OpenTAP on a test automation bench or in a testing lab. However, systems architects increasingly embed test capabilities in feature-rich products. This trend is palpable in the automotive ecosystem, where complex subsystems require comprehensive testing during prototyping, manufacturing, integration and post-deployment.

This blog examines the presence, functionality and benefit derived from embedding OpenTAP in three automotive application domains: electric vehicle charging, automotive networking, and cybersecurity.  Read More

Open Source Fact vs. Fiction

Open Source software increasingly dominates application stacks across industries. Enterprise software builds on Linux, Jenkins, Kubernetes and other platforms and middleware, and with Jenkins, Android, Linux, and extensive tools for smart devices.
Despite the popularity and ubiquity of open source, many organizations still retain misgivings about using it. Read more

OpenTAP Project Update - Documentation

The OpenTAP project is constantly evolving and improving in response to suggestions and contributions from the OpenTAP ecosystem - users, developers and partners.  Equally important as updates to code is documentation, and two very useful documents have recently been updated to reflect new policies and processes:
  • The OpenTAP FAQ - answers to Frequency Asked Questions
  • CONTRIBUTING - with detailed info about how to contribute to the project

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The Growing OpenTAP Ecosystem
The OpenTAP Ecosystem comprises a growing cohort of global partners:

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Events Calendar

Upcoming OpenTAP Events

Nordic Test Forum 2022: Keysight regional representative in Northern Europe and OpenTAP advocate 4Test will exhibit and present at the 22nd Nordic Test Forum in Drammen, Norway, November 29-30, 2022.  Learn More

The presentation, on power conversion, will be delivered by Tiet Poulsen, president of 4Test.

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