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I’ve spent several months unsubscribing from e-newsletters, so I'm a little uncomfortable about contributing to your Inbox load.

But I'd love to tell you about two upcoming events focused on connecting with Mother Nature and on helping girls connect with their own inner nature. More information below (after my rather long intro).

My attempt to lighten my Inbox traffic started back in December when I had a wildfire on my doorstep for weeks. I realised the only way my nervous system would cope with being on alert for so long was to turn down the volume on the outside world.

I switched off screens and focused on being present with the people in front of me and with what was happening around me. I uninstalled Instagram from my phone, neglected my Inbox, and decreased and carefully curated my news consumption.

Thankfully, the fire in our neighborhood, although huge, was relatively cool and calm. She crawled across the nearby rocky hills of Yengo National Park, and thanks to a control burn on Christmas Day, didn’t reach any homes in our neighborhood. The surrounding bushland is burnt, but already I see signs of recovery. I wish more areas were so fortunate. 

With fire risk reduced, I dipped my toes back into the online world. I waded into my email Inbox and quickly became overwhelmed by suggestions of what I should do (and watch, and buy, and register for and so on).

There is much that needs to be done to protect our precious planet—and after a month of ample solitude and time in nature, I had a clear picture of how I might contribute. But each email I opened dragged me further away from my clarity and I felt guilty about all I wasn’t doing.

I know we need to stay informed and be inspired, and the online world is a wonderful place for that. But equally, we need time to sit with our own thoughts.

We won’t discover how our personal interests and talents align with what society needs if we let the ideas of others infiltrate more than their fair share of our minds. 

Unique, creative and innovative solutions need time to simmer.

I also realised I liked the calm that had descended on my mind after a month of far fewer conversations bouncing around. It took only a few minutes online for me to feel scattered. Scatterbrain. I realised that’s what the online world does to my mind.  

So I’ve declared a six-month sabbatical from social media and am attempting to more carefully curate the information that comes into my Inbox.

I’m choosing sit spot, nature journaling and wandering as my major sources of news right now. I want to listen more carefully to what Mother Nature has to say for a while.

And I’m prioritising face-to-face connections over online ones. So it would be lovely to catch up with you at one of the following gatherings. 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend with time to wander. 

With love, 

**Inside Time Outside**


A one-day seasonal nature connection retreat for women celebrating our tilt towards the darkness. 

10 am - 4 pm Sunday 16th February
At my place in Milbrodale (around 1 hour from Newcastle)

Tradition tells us it is time for New Year’s resolutions and for starting new projects. And it is for those in the northern hemisphere. For them, the new solar year began in late December at the Winter Solstice and it makes sense to set intentions as day length begins to grow.

But for us, here in the southern hemisphere, day length is decreasing. We are tilting away from the sun towards the dark.  

If you want to make your life easier by riding in the wake of Mother Nature’s seasonal energies—now is the time to turn inwards. It is time to pause, reflect and reevaluate. And this is exactly what we will do with the help of Mother Nature at the next ITO gathering.

The cost is $80 including lunch and morning and afternoon tea.

Bookings and more information at

Please don't let finances be what prevents you from joining us. I am happy to negotiate trades or discounts or freebies for those not in paid work. Reply to this email to discuss.

Can’t make this one? Registration for subsequent retreats is open.
Register for Inside Time Outside

**Celebration Day for Girls in Newcastle**

My friend Sahara Contempree is hosting a Celebration Day for Girls in Newcastle in March.

This worthwhile workshop for girls and their mother (or female carer) is designed to inspire curiosity, wonder and appreciation of the changes of puberty and the onset of menstruation.

With the intention to overturn secrecy and embarrassment, Celebration Day for Girls nurtures connection, normalisation and openness through practical and positive information, stories and fun activities.

You can express interest in attending the Newcastle workshop with Sahara by contacting her via email or mobile 0423260482. 

Liv and I will be there. I am really looking forward to the day and am pleased the program is now available in Newcastle. 
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