If you're like me, life can get in the way of writing. We're running from here to there, hopping from one responsibility to the next, and writing is easily left behind. WRITE RABBIT is a way for me to extend my hand to you on a monthly basis, a reminder that writing is possible. Thanks for reaching out and taking hold.

Hi, <<First Name>>.

I had big plans for Spring Break: a road trip to see some family, cleaning out closets with abandon, baking a pie, and then the kids got sick leaving me no reason not to work on my writing, which I did from the couch while the boys watched Voltron.  I'm almost finished adding to my latest (and hopefully last) draft of my novel MAD MOON. I'm polishing, extending, reworking, cutting, replacing. Is March over already? Good grief. Maybe it's the Spring season, maybe it's approaching my goal word count for my WIP through hours of editing, or maybe it's the helpful feedback from followers like you, that has given me the creative energy to start new projects. I'm inclined to think it is all of these things. Whatever the reason, I'm grateful and hope you find the thing that niggles at your brain and says, "Write. Write it all."

All the best,

Flap Copy Prompt 

Like most skills, grabbing an agent's attention in a query letter requires practice. The best way to know what an agent is looking for is by reading as much information about him/her as possible. Website bios, twitter posts, and lists of authors she represents are a place to start. For many, the inside flap of a bestseller is a great example of what they are looking for in a query letter to grab their attention. Good "hooks" as Jane Friedman calls them or "flap copy" as I like to call them require 100 - 200 words in the body of your letter that introduce your story and make the agent want to know more.
So, let's practice with a little friendly competition. Take a look at the picture below. Use it as a prompt for a story idea and write the flap copy you would include in the query letter. Submit your flap copy by replying to this email by April 30th, 2019 (11:59 P.M. EST). I'll choose a winner and include your submission and name in the next letter. I'll also post them on Twitter and Instagram along with your username to share with my followers.

My Example Flap Copy

Myra is a fifteen-year-old living with her father on their family farm. She fears waking up in her same bed, with her same chores, and her same life for the rest of time--just like her mother did until she died. On this particular day, Myra walks behind the house to hang laundry and notices a single yellow heart pinned to the clothesline. An admirer? A secret note? No. She knows what it means. She's been chosen by the community leader to be the next Tracker, the one who must go alone and search for the relic. This should be an honor. The survival of her people depends on the relic, but all she can feel is fear. She drops the laundry scanning the tree line, her eyes wide and searching. Myra feels for her sheathed knife at her belt and runs. Two minutes to the safe house. That's all she has. Everything is about to change.  

Small Press Spotlight

Brian Evenson

Publisher: Coffee House Press

Short Story Collection
Fiction: Literary/Sci-Fi/Horror

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Until next month, write on, friends.
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