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It's a legalized money laundering scheme.

It's all legal and that's the scandal.

Our report, Federal Funding of Fortune 100 Companies, drags this scheme into the sunshine.

It shows conclusive evidence that, over a four year period, Fortune 100 companies spent $2 billion lobbying Congress and received over $400 billion in federal grants and contracts -- funded by the American taxpayer.

It's no wonder that when new members show-up in Congress,  they quickly stop representing their constituents' values. 

Their vote has been won by a higher bidder.

Our reporting on this critical subject has raised heads in the media, with features in the Washington Times, the Associated Press, C-SPAN, One America News, Newsweek, and The Daily Caller. 

The time is ripe for a bipartisan policy change. Remember, it's YOUR money. 

Taxpayers fund research for world's richest, most powerful companies, watchdog finds

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Congress is a favor factory.
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$399 billion in federal funding over 4 years.
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It's a legalized money laundering scheme.
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