Look For The Good

In the New Year, let's resolve
 to get less stressed, upset, anxious
 about things over which we have no control.
 Lets have a narrower focus on our lives,
 loving and helping our family and friends,
 making our community a better place to live,
 to create peace and contentment.

In the New Year, let's resolve
 to pay less attention to depressing stories
 on TV, in magazines and newspapers,
 and to stop focusing on what we want
 that we haven't got,
 instead of appreciating
 the many blessings we do have.

In the New Year, let's look for the good.
 We may have to search
 through a mass of negative media,
 but the good is there,
 all around us.

I wish for you a New Year filled with good,
 engulfed in serenity and happiness!

By Joanna Fuchs


The extensive HVAC work is completed. Current plans call for a return to church services and activities April 1. We hope that will provide an adequate window of opportunity for everyone to be vaccinated against Covid. Worship services are posted on-line and can be accessed via kmpc.com.

Thank You

It seems impossible that we are already beginning the second year of our life together in ministry here at Kuhn. Many things have changed since last January, but, one thing that hasn’t changed is the strength of your faith and service, the trust you place in the pastor and session, support of the staff, and your generosity.  The gifts and expressions of affection and gratitude I received over the holiday season are deeply appreciated.

As we are in the season of Epiphany, the season of light, I hope you will look for occasions of Christ’s light breaking into the world around you, and may you, too, be a light-bearer.

In His Service,
Cinda Harkless
  As we start a new year we are always reminded of Maren’s transplant anniversary, but  more recently, her episode of rejection that occurred January 4, 2019. Given that we are in the  anniversary of that time in our lives, I wanted to take this opportunity to write a very belated  thank you letter. We are so very thankful for the love and support that you showed our family  and especially for keeping Maren covered in prayer during that very difficult time. We  appreciate the well wishes, cards and gifts that helped Maren feel special and connected to her  home and the people she knows and loves. We appreciate the spaghetti dinner that raised  money to help cover the expenses of living in an apartment until Maren was well enough to  return home. Maren’s medical condition can be very challenging at times and we are so  grateful for all you did to help us through that rough patch. We wish you all a Happy New Year  and look forward to being together again soon. 

The Foster Family 
Travis, Ellen, Jackson and Maren

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