Hello Team Leaders,

Wow! We had such a brilliant time talking to NASA Astronaut Suni Williams on Friday. What a fantastic way to finish our live Mission Broadcasts. You can still catch up on the interview on our YouTube channel (watch here).

Now, we’re ironing our uniforms and pinning on our badges, as it’s nearly time for the official Astro Science Challenge: LIVE! Graduation. We hope you and your Cadets will be joining us on our YouTube channel this coming Thursday, 18th June, at 2pm to celebrate all the hard work that Cadets and Team Leaders alike have put into our space learning adventure.

Jon Spooner, our Director of Human Spaceflight Operations, will be leading the ceremony from The Space Shed, and we would love you to be part of it, at home with your Cadets. We’ve put together a checklist of how to get involved, whether you’ve completed all of the Missions or are still part way through the journey.

If you haven’t awarded all of the badges by Thursday, don’t worry and keep going! * We still want you to get involved in the celebrations. That’s why there’s a special Merit certificate, for Cadets who are working hard at becoming Agents of UNSA, but aren’t quite there yet.

  1. Download Graduation or Merit certificates (download here), print and add your Cadet’s name. If you have time, you can roll them (like university graduation scrolls) and tie them with a bit of ribbon.
  2. Put together a list of your Cadet’s ‘special achievements’ during the adventure, so you can read them out when they receive their certificate.
  3. Prepare your Cadet’s Graduation outfit - this could be an official UNSA uniform, your own homemade spacesuit or anything else your Cadet feels happy and comfortable wearing for the special occasion. We’d recommend having a dress rehearsal early this week if you can, and if you do - please send us a photo of your Cadet in their outfit, as we’ll feature some in the Graduation Broadcast.
  4. With all of the above ready, join us live on our YouTube channel at 2pm (BST) on Thursday for celebrations, secret surprises and a very special commencement address! We’ll also be continuing the virtual party on our Facebook page straight after Graduation, to say a final congratulations!
*We know that lots of you might have only just begun this adventure, or you might be completing the Missions at a different pace. Just like the rest of the Resources for The Astro Science Challenge, the Graduation ceremony and certificates will remain online, so you can hold your own ceremony whenever you’ve completed all the Missions. 


We’ve been thrilled to welcome so many new Team Leaders and Cadets to the UNSA family over the last 8 weeks (as well as catching up with some familiar faces). We hope that the end of the Astro Science Challenge is just the start of your relationship with us.

If you’d like to hear what we’ve got planned for the future, we highly recommend subscribing to the main UNSA mailing list (because of GDPR we won’t be able to email you about general UNSA news on this mailing list). We’ve got lots of exciting plans in the works that we’d love to be able to share with you, so please do subscribe.

You might also like to take a look at our brand new UNSA website - - to learn more about the Space Agency and the other work we do, including our family podcast, Live From The Space Shed.

We wanted to make the Astro Science Challenge accessible for everyone, which is why we put the App, Videos and Resources online for free. If you and your family have enjoyed taking part, please do consider making a donation to UNSA, to help us continue to provide initiatives like this in the future (but only if you have the means to do so). This could be by buying an UNSA uniform from our shop, or giving directly via Paypal.

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Donations from both t-shirt sales and Paypal are invested straight back into our projects, allowing us to do more, for more children.

We do hope you’ll keep in touch, both on email and via our social channels, and, fingers-crossed, even at live Space Shed events in the not-too-distant future.

Thanks for being a part of this adventure with us.
Javairya Khan
UNSA Mission and Communications Officer
A reminder from Space M.O.M. (Mission Operations Manager) Sarah - if you send anything over to us via email or on social media, we'll be sharing it on a variety of public platforms and we'll hold on to it indefinitely for possible use in future promotional materials, advocacy purposes and generally to remind ourselves of how much fun we all had! If you'd prefer for us not to do this or you'd like us to avoid any mention of you/your child by name, please let us know. You can contact us any time to retract this permission.

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