Hello Team Leaders,

We can’t believe it, but we’ve reached our penultimate Mission of The Astro Science Challenge: LIVE! Astro Coding was a real step up from our previous Missions, and we’re proud that so many of you gave learning how to write code a go. We hope that it was a rewarding process, and that you also enjoyed the classic mix of coding and biscuits in last week’s Mission Broadcasts.

Remember, you don't need to worry if you've not finished (or started) Mission 4 yet. The Missions are there for you to do at your own pace. What matters most is that your Cadet is having fun learning more about space!

There’s lots of fun to be had with this week’s Mission, so let’s get cracking!


For Mission 5, it’s time to think about what it’s actually like to live in space. You'll be learning more about how humans live on the International Space Station, and comparing it with how we live on Earth. By completing this Mission, you will earn the “Living In Space” Badge from the British Science Association.  

There are plenty of opportunities for you and your Cadet(s) to get creative with the Tasks for this Mission - you could be exploring how your day on Earth compares to an astronaut’s day on the ISS; thinking about how we measure time, or helping to prepare Mini Jon for what it will be like for him in space.

You will find lots of interesting and helpful information relating to this Mission in the videos on our Living In Space YouTube playlist - even if you just watch one of these videos, and learn a new fact with your Cadet(s), then you’ve done enough to earn the Mission 5 Badge.

As ever, if you have any questions or issues that aren’t covered in the How To doc or our FAQs section, please get in touch with us here at UNSA HQ - we’re always happy to support our Team Leaders. Just drop us an email to and one of the team will get back to you as soon as we can.


It was a fun week of Mission Broadcasts for Astro Coding - we spoke to Matt Cosby, whose code has actually been into space (watch here) and got scientific about biscuits in our Bumper Showcase and Biscuit Review special (watch here). There’s still time to vote for your favourite biscuit over on our Twitter, the winning biscuit will be announced on Friday's live broadcast.

There's no live Mission Broadcast on Wednesday this week, as Mini Jon is unavailable (something about a top secret Mission), but on Friday, we're very excited to be joined in The Space Shed by someone who works in Mission Control at NASA's Johnson Space Center...
Friday 5th June, 2pm (BST)
Kayla LaFrance, ISS Flight Controller
 Johnson Space Center, Houston
With no Mission Broadcast on Wednesday, you might like to give our Live from The Space Shed podcast series a listen instead. Recorded live at festivals around the country, we had guests ranging from astrophysicists and climate activists to particle physicists and space doctors, all interviewed by our very own Director of Human Spaceflight Operations, Jon Spooner. There are 12 episodes to get stuck into - just search ‘Live from The Space Shed’ wherever you get your podcasts or visit

And please keep sending in Cadet work and questions via email or to @unspaceagency, and we’ll do our best to feature as many as possible. No matter how big or small, we love to see them!

We’ll also be virtually hanging out on the UNSA Facebook page again on Friday afternoon, straight after the Mission Broadcast. Hope to see you then to celebrate the week!


With UNSA graduation coming up in a few week’s time, we’re making plans for how to celebrate the weeks of amazing work that everyone has done as part of The Astro Science Challenge: LIVE! Of course, every good party needs great music, and we’d love your help with adding to our space-themed playlist. Send us your kid-friendly space song suggestions and we’ll add them to the playlist, ready for a graduation boogie.
See you next time for next time for *sniff* our FINAL MISSION - Mission 6!
Javairya Khan
UNSA Mission and Communications Officer
P.S. Keep an eye on your inboxes and on our social accounts, as we’ve got some exciting news to share later in the week!
A reminder from Space M.O.M. (Mission Operations Manager) Sarah - if you send anything over to us via email or on social media, we'll be sharing it on a variety of public platforms and we'll hold on to it indefinitely for possible use in future promotional materials, advocacy purposes and generally to remind ourselves of how much fun we all had! If you'd prefer for us not to do this or you'd like us to avoid any mention of you/your child by name, please let us know. You can contact us any time to retract this permission.

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