Hello Team Leaders,

Can you believe we’re already at Mission 3, which means we’re nearly halfway through The Astro Science Challenge: LIVE! We’re so proud of you and all the Cadets for being a part of this programme - home learning in these uncertain times is a tricky task. Whatever stage you’re at in the Astro Science Challenge, you’re doing fantastically.


It’s time to get Fit For Space! No, we’re not going all Joe Wicks on you (although we’d love to see a Space Shed/PE With Joe crossover). In this Mission, you’ll be finding out what it takes for astronauts to stay healthy in space, and prepare themselves for Extra Vehicular Activity (a.k.a spacewalks!). Mission 3 has been produced with our friends at the European Space Agency.

On the way to earning their fourth Badge, your Cadets will be planning a meal for Tim Peake to eat on the ISS. Can your space Masterchefs put together a menu that’s tasty, healthy and on-budget? And can they persuade UNSA’s Head Chef that the meal they’ve chosen is the best? As ever, there are plenty of Resources to help with these Tasks on our website, and lots of helpful videos in our ‘Fit for Space’ playlist on our YouTube channel.

Whether you just watch one video or go all the way and complete all the Tasks, as long as you and your Cadets learn something new this week, then you’ve done enough to earn the Fit for Space Badge, so don’t be shy about awarding it!

If any element of this Mission is proving difficult, there’s plenty of support if you need it - from the Mission Launch tips in the Mission 1 email, to the How To Do The Astro Science Challenge document and the FAQs section of the Astro Science Challenge website - we’re here to help! And, of course, you can email us ( with any concerns.


We had lots of fun in last week’s Mission Broadcasts. Dr Sophie Murray answered your questions all about auroras, sunspots and protecting the Earth from solar flares (watch here), and in our first UNSA AMA Professor Andy Newsam discussed everything from space elevators and exploding stars, to whether astronauts can burp in space (watch here). If you’ve missed any of the Mission Broadcasts when they went out live, they’re all available to watch whenever you like on our YouTube channel.

There are two more brilliant guests lined up for the Mission Broadcasts this week...
Wednesday 20th May, 10am (BST)
Andrea Boyd - European Space Agency Flight Controller for the International Space Station
Friday 22nd May, 2pm (BST)
Libby Jackson - Human Spaceflight and Microgravity Programme Manager for the UK Space Agency
We love receiving Cadet questions to answer as part of our Mission Broadcasts, and to see the work you’ve been creating, so please do send them in via email or to @unspaceagency. Now that we've heard plenty of tips from Mini Jon, we want to know about your top tips for lockdown too! 

We’ll do our best to feature as many submissions as possible. You might even win a limited edition UNSA t-shirt!
Catch you next time for Mission 4!

Javairya Khan
UNSA Mission and Communications Officer
A reminder from Space M.O.M. (Mission Operations Manager) Sarah - if you send anything over to us via email or on social media, we'll be sharing it on a variety of public platforms and we'll hold on to it indefinitely for possible use in future promotional materials, advocacy purposes and generally to remind ourselves of how much fun we all had! If you'd prefer for us not to do this or you'd like us to avoid any mention of you/your child by name, please let us know. You can contact us any time to retract this permission.

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