Hello Team Leaders,

Well, this is it - our final Mission of The Astro Science Challenge: LIVE!

Congratulations on making it to Mission 6 - it’s a really fun one to end on. Your Cadet will soon be ready to graduate and become an Agent of UNSA. We hope that you'll be able to join us for our live Graduation event on Thursday 18th June at 2pm - read on for more details.

If you’ve not quite completed all of the previous Missions yet - don’t worry. Keep working at your own speed and take as much time as you need - you can become an Agent at any time.

Let’s get going on our final Mission!


For Mission 6, you and your Cadet will be finding out all about rockets! You'll be learning how rockets work and then building and launching your own! This Mission was made with our friends at the Science Museum.

As part of the “Build & Launch A Rocket” Badge, your Cadets can learn about Newton’s Third Law; create their own rocket launch, and write to Tim Peake or Mini Jon about their experiences in completing The Astro Science Challenge.

There’s lots of useful and interesting videos relating to this Mission in our Build & Launch a Rocket YouTube playlist. Even if you just watch one of these videos, and learn a new fact with your Cadet, you’ll have done enough to earn the Mission 6 Badge.

As ever, if you have any questions or issues that aren’t covered in the How To doc or our FAQs section, please get in touch with us here at UNSA HQ - we’re always happy to support our Team Leaders. Just drop us an email to and one of the team will get back to you as soon as we can.


It was fantastic chatting to Kayla LaFrance about what it’s like to work at NASA’s Johnson Space Center (watch here), and we’re so excited that our final live guest of the Astro Science Challenge is one of Kayla’s NASA colleagues...
Friday 12th June, 2pm (BST)
Suni Williams
NASA Astronaut
Suni has had a record-breaking career at NASA - including being the first person to run a marathon in space - and will be commander of the third commercial crewed mission to the ISS. We can’t wait to chat to Suni, and we would love to hear your questions for her.
Please keep sending in Cadet work via email or to @unspaceagency, and we’ll do our best to feature as many as possible. No matter how big or small, we love to see them, especially as we’re putting together a montage of work to show during Graduation - we want to include work from as many of our Cadets as possible.

We’ll also be virtually hanging out on the UNSA Facebook page again on Friday afternoon, straight after the Mission Broadcast. Hope to see you then to celebrate the week!
UNSA Graduation
Thursday 18th June, 2pm (BST)
UNSA graduation will coincide with the 4th anniversary of our patron Tim Peake’s return to Earth from the ISS on 18th June.

Jon and Mini Jon will be broadcasting live from The Space Shed from 2pm, to mark our Cadets becoming Agents of UNSA, and celebrating the end of The Astro Science Challenge: LIVE! We hope you’ll join us to be part of it.

We’ll send through full instructions on how to prepare for Graduation in our Team Leader email next week, but in the meantime it might be helpful to start thinking of some stand-out moments and special achievements for each of your Cadets, during their time on this adventure. As well as giving them their certificate, you can read these out as they graduate!

If you’d like to order an UNSA t-shirt for Graduation, there’s still time to do so via our UNSA shop - Royal Mail have experienced some delays in parcel deliveries so be sure to order ASAP. 
Enjoy the final Mission!
Javairya Khan
UNSA Mission and Communications Officer
A reminder from Space M.O.M. (Mission Operations Manager) Sarah - if you send anything over to us via email or on social media, we'll be sharing it on a variety of public platforms and we'll hold on to it indefinitely for possible use in future promotional materials, advocacy purposes and generally to remind ourselves of how much fun we all had! If you'd prefer for us not to do this or you'd like us to avoid any mention of you/your child by name, please let us know. You can contact us any time to retract this permission.

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