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 Will Spain set the standard for other countries to follow?!!

The International Institute of Live Events came into formation in 2018 with a vision and mission to incapsulate education with the commercial world of live events. Accomplished academics who have published extensively within the field of live events management. They have an unprecedented and accumulative experience as practitioners in education and live events that spans 80 years.


With this collective knowledge the institution will be delivering online courses in the Live events management and production, with a range of other courses to follow.

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Incase you're new around here... we will focus on 4 things, mainly:

Section 1 Event Industry News. The event industry is changing everyday and we will be sharing only the most impactful news.

Section 2 Event Case Studies. Events have major impacts in society and the economy. Read this section to gain insights to events that have had the biggest impacts. 

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Section 4 Guiding, Coaching, and mentoring. To accompany the online courses academic and industry professionals will give support through coaching and mentoring.

Let’s Begin!

Event News

One of the first countries to announce it plans for live events in the future is Spain. The Spanish government has a 4 stage plan to reopen the country with each stage lasting a minimum of 2 weeks. Before moving onto the next stage each province will be reevaluated before being able to move onto the next stage. 

The first stage that could begin on the 11th May, this will allow cultural events to happen. Indoor venues will have a limited capacity of 30 people if the venue has usual capacity of 90 or more. Outdoor venues must all be seated and a limited capacity of 200 will be applied. 

The second stage will allow indoor venues to up their audience capacity to a third of their usual legal limit with a maximum of 50 people. Outdoor seated events will have their capacity raised to 400 people. This stage will also allow cinemas and theatres at a third of their legal capacity to reopen. 

The final stage of the plan will see the reopening of night clubs and bars again at a third of the usual capacity. Indoor events will have a capacity limit of 80 and outdoor events of up to 800 people will be allowed.

Event Case Study. 

Denmark hosted its first concert since the COVID-19

A stage was erected on the outskirts of the city Aarhus in Northern Denmark and Mads Langer was announced as the artist that would be playing. With just 6 days’ notice the event sold 500 tickets in minutes. The performance was transmitted into cars via FM Radio. The attendees also had the chance to interact with Langer using Zoom video conferencing. 

The next day the same stage became a drive in cinema with Star Wars - The Rise of Skywalker was shown to people in their cars. The organisers now have a range of events planned until May 17th on the temporary stage!

Germany has also followed and are now hosting drive in events.


6 steps to find your perfect event venue!

Wether you are planning a corporate event, wedding, club night or exhibition, these 6 steps will assist you in finding the perfect venue for your event.

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