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The International Institute of Live Events came into formation in 2018 with a vision and mission to incapsulate education with the commercial world of live events. Accomplished academics who have published extensively within the field of live events management. They have an unprecedented and accumulative experience as practitioners in education and live events that spans 80 years.


With this collective knowledge the institution will be delivering online courses in the Live events management and production, with a range of other courses to follow.

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Incase you're new around here... we will focus on 4 things, mainly:

Section 1 Event Industry News. The event industry is changing everyday and we will be sharing only the most impactful news.

Section 2 Event Case Studies. Events have major impacts in society and the economy. Read this section to gain insights to events that have had the biggest impacts. 

Section 3 Teach. This section is here to give you tips on all areas of the event industry straight from the creators of the International Institute of Live Events.

Section 4 Guiding, Coaching, and mentoring. To accompany the online courses academic and industry professionals will give support through coaching and mentoring.

Let’s Begin!

Event News

Many countries are now easing their restrictions, here are a few that have seen little if no increase in Covid-19 infections and deaths Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Spain, South Korea, New Zealand and France.

Countries currently fighting the pandemic as of 15th June are Britain, Singapore, Argentina and Russia.

Countries that have eased restrictions have seen event promoters get creative with the way live events could work while still social distancing. 

Event Case Study. 

Amsterdam's No Art Hotel!

Amsterdam have announced No Art Hotel which is moving towards a social distanced music festival. Here’s how it works — rent a hotel room for a night at Sir Adam, party in your room, have dinner in one of the exclusive locations in the tower, and enjoy 24 hours of music and art in one of the most iconic buildings Amsterdam has to offer. An ongoing live stream hosted at A’Dam Toren will link to every room.

Groups & Timeframes

– 120 capacity in the hotel

– 4 groups of 30 guests

– Early Dinnershow from 17.30-20.30 up to 60 guests

– Late Dinnershow from 21.00-00.00 up to 60 guests

RIVM Rules

– 1,5 meter distance if you’re not from the same household

– No more than 2 guests per lift

– No groups larger than 30 per location

– Temperature check at arrival

– When you have a cold, stay at home

– You are not allowed to switch rooms during this event

The event is due to take place on June 20th with all tickets sold out. 

Germany Socially Distanced Open Air Party!

Gerd Janson headlined a socially distanced open-air party in Germany on the 21st May. The venue Coconut Beach usually a 2,000 capacity venue, will enable social distancing for 100 ticket holders at €70 each. Even though tickets were priced high the event sold out in 15 minutes. 


The attendees of the event were required to wear face masks and were assigned a table and dance floor chalk circle, the only space where they were allowed to remove face masks, all set at least 1.5 metres apart.


One of the long standing and major outdoor music festival organiser in the UK has sparked a debate on social distancing at outdoor events. 

This goes against the official UK Government policy and may place the festival organiser in legal jeopardy. However, Festival Republic has put forward a solution, event attendees must purchase a coronavirus home testing kit and download the NHS tracing app. 

This proposed solution has potential issues on many levels, as it will be dependent on the 100% accuracy of the test equipment purchased, days/weeks to receive test results via the app and when the ticket holder attends the event. One would have to remain isolated from human contact at the time of self subbing, sending off the swab to the NHS, receding the results to ensure no transmission of the virus before attending the event.

The UK Government have not released any guidelines for events or any a date for when events can return. 



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