St Matthew's Daily Devotinal aims to help you reset and re-centre life around God's word. Our next block of devotionals will take us through Paul's letter to the Romans. Take a few minutes each day to work your way through the devotional by following these five steps:

1. Read the passage carefully.
2. Think through the passage using the questions as a guide.
3. Pray, thanking God and bringing requests before him from the passage.
4. Practise. Read the article linked and think about how you can apply it to better serve Jesus and his people.
5.  Listen to the podcast linked to be encouraged in living for Jesus.
Today’s article, Real Joy Has An Address by The Gospel Coalition, helps remind us that one of the unbelievably awesome reasons God has given us the bible is to stir up joy within us at the salvation it speaks of in Christ. Spend some time dwelling on this reality and may you be joyous! 

Read it below.
Today’s podcast is from Ask Pastor John: Episode 637, Don’t Waste Your Mornings (8 mins).This is a really good reminder to start our mornings strengthened by God’s Word. Let us be encouraged to do this by finding joy in the Lord from the first moments we wake! Listen 

Listen at the button below.
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