Dear St Matthew’s Family,
Hope this email finds you and your family well.

Making Disciples Together is the mission of St Matthew’s. That’s the mission given to us by the Lord Jesus himself when he proclaimed: “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations.” (Matt 28:18-19). Jesus has all authority and therefore all need to hear of his authority and his love for them expressed at the cross.
All humanity needs to hear that now more than ever. Our mission continues, but it must now continue in a different form, with different challenges, and different opportunities.
Throughout this season, St Matthew’s will continue to submit to the wisdom of our God given government and its directions. From this Sunday St Matthew’s will continue, but will continue online. On Sunday morning you will find on our website ( an online service for you to connect with your Church family, hear the word of God and catch up on what’s happening. We encourage you to join with your Growth Group, or close friends in someone’s home, to watch it together on Sunday to keep up the normal routines of life as much as possible. We expect this will be the most consistent way we can gather and teach for quite some time.
However, while we still can, we will also run three services on Sunday (9am, 11am and 5.30pm in our building). The content will be the same as the online service. There won't be Kids or Youth ministry, but they are welcome to stay in church. There will be a hard limit of 100 people. We expect this to be a temporary arrangement, so keep yourself updated on our website or via Snapshot each week. I look forward to seeing as many of you as feel able to come on Sunday.
Growth Groups will continue entirely at the discretion of those groups. Please be in touch with your Growth Group leader. Growth Groups remain our best vehicle of care and contact at this time.

Youth Group will still be happening this Friday night, dinner will be stilled be served for those who want it with all our precautions in place.

New ministries and ideas will begin to emerge in the weeks to come to help us to continue to fellowship and be God’s people. Let me encourage you that unless you have been directed to self-quarantine, the wisdom of our government is that we can still share time and even food together. And I encourage you to do so.
John Newton once said, “Nothing hinders God’s wisdom and goodness. Every drop of rain hits its appointed target and every dust particle is carried by the wind to its appointed resting place.” Trust in Jesus our Lord, all this is part of his perfect plan for eternity. Be urgent in prayer, prayer is not the last resort of the Christian, it is the first response. Be loving to each other, no one should feel guilty or ashamed or judged for the decisions they feel they need to make to protect themselves and their family at this time.
Grace and peace,
Evan McFarlane
If you find yourself in either spiritual or physical need please don’t hesitate to contact St Matthew’s via or (08) 9381 2640.
For the most up to date information, please check our website
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