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January 2020
Happy New Year
I can’t believe 2019 has gone and we are now in January 2020!

A happy, healthy and peaceful New Year to you all.

At this time of year we sometimes take time to reminisce... at the same time thinking what might be in the future. So let us think briefly on these few words from Psalm 119, ”Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”.

We have lots of of good events to look back on in 2019, including the Christmas Big Sings, with a "full house" at all three and much appreciated by all who managed to be there.

But, it is important to focus more on the light that shows the path ahead.............

What exciting paths does God have for The Guild  in 2020?

Let’s begin with good support from all Guilds Together Groups for our 2020 Vision Conference on Saturday, 14th March in St Matthew’s Church, Perth. Hopefully we will have a good mix of experience and fresh ideas. It would be great if some recently new members, with new ideas for taking The Guild forward into the new decade, were able to be part of the event. The Guild has hired a professional facilitator for this conference, so your support and enthusiasm for the event is appreciated. If you've not heard about this event, but feel you have something to offer, then please contact  your local Guilds Together Convener or the Guild Office for more information.

There will also be the usual Resource Days in the spring and a continuing series of Mini Gatherings and of course without the support of Guild members and friends in all areas of the country these events would not happen. Please continue to promote and support all events whether local or National.

Finally, although 2019 may have had its ups and downs, happiness and sadness, let us be positive about the new decade and the future of our wonderful organisation and ask God’s blessing on all Guild members in the year ahead.
Margaret Muir
National Vice Convener with Responsibility for Events.
Shaping the future!
As Margaret mentioned in her article, we are hosting a major conference about the future direction of the Guild on 14th March in St Matthews Church in Perth. All Guilds Together groups have been asked to nominate 3 people who reflect the membership of the Guild locally and who will participate in a range of activities to help us shape our future policy and direction.

Please ensure that your area is represented and your voice heard.
Last chance to enter!
By now most Guilds Together groups will have started considering who to nominate for this year’s Conveners Challenge to produce a piece of writing in the form of a short story, 2,000 to 3,000 words in length, entitled ‘The Journey’.

This can be a personal account or a story in the 3rd person; it can be spiritual but doesn’t have to be; it can be fact or fiction, a real journey or an imaginary journey.

If you have something written please get it to your local Guilds Together now so that it can be considered.
Tree Festival
At Christmas, for 2 weeks, a Christmas tree Festival was held in Auchterarder Parish Church. There were 41 trees and the Festival was visited by over 1,000 people, including many school children. The trees are sponsored by local businesses and clubs.

The Guild provided one and showcased the projects and many of the activities held by the Guild.

A great outreach into the community.
Money for Maggie's!
Well done to everyone at Crail Guild who raised a fabulous £800 for Maggie’s Centre Fife at their Christmas Coffee Morning. Well done to everyone involved in raising such a huge sum for such a worthwhile cause.
Bible 2020

Will your Guild be part of BIBLE 2020?

BIBLE 2020 is a global initiative encouraging the church across the world to unite and read the Bible aloud each day because, as the words of Isaiah say: “the words that come out of my mouth will not come back empty-handed.”

What can the Scottish church do to bring about Spiritual change in our nation throughout 2020, and beyond?

Watch the video, download and share it with your Guild, and take part in the biggest public reading of God’s Word the world has seen.

To find out more, and to get your Guild involved in the 2020 movement here or email Fiona McDonald 

Prayer Diary
08           for Australia, as they continue to face the aftermath of the bush fires, remembering especially all who have lost their loved ones, homes and livelihoods and all involved in the emergency services
09         for Guilds across Scotland as they begin to meet, praying for a fresh sense of ‘Whose we are and Whom we serve’
10         for Angus Mathieson and Ian Alexander as they take up their posts as Heads of the new church forums, Faith Nurture and Faith Impact
11         for our project partners, the Sailors' Society, as they support seafarers who are braving horrendous conditions far from home to bring goods to the UK
12         giving thanks for Guild treasurers as they complete their accounts for the year
13         for National Convener, Marian Macintyre, as she speaks at Brightons Guild
14         giving thanks for all the preparation for the Guild 2020 Vision conference, that God will bring the right people to the event to help shape the direction of the Guild for the next decade
15         the Zambia group as they meet to plan the programme for their visit, asking that God will bless them and lead them in the programme development
16         especially for BB companies who return after the Christmas break, that God will ensure that their ‘anchor holds’ in the coming year
17         for staff in care homes who care for people who are elderly or vulnerable, asking for patience, compassion and a generosity of spirit
18         thinking especially of Guilds together Resource co-ordinators as they organise and plan local resource days
19         for the developing relationship between Guilds in Shetland Guilds Together and in Dwangwa, Malawi
20         remembering those experiencing social isolation and loneliness, praying especially for staff involved with our CrossReach partnership project
21         especially for the new Chief Officer, Dave Kendall, as he helps shape the future of the national church
22         for Associate Secretary, Karen Gillon, as she speaks at Carstairs Guild
23        encouraging all involved in the Inter Faith Group on Domestic Abuse as they continue to highlight this important issue to the wider community
24         giving thanks for the street children in Pune who today will receive a decent meal because of our project with the Free to Live Trust
25         for Guilds Together Conveners as they lead their groups in the year ahead
26         for the developing relationship between Guilds in North Ayrshire Guilds Together and in Milala, Malawi
27         on International Holocaust remembrance day, remember all working for peace and justice. Remember too that 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the ending of the Second World War, and the ending of the Holocaust.
29         especially for elected members including councillors, MSPs and MPs that in all they do they will serve with integrity and promote equality and justice
30           for young farmers in Malawi, supported by our partner Malawi Fruits, that rains will provide a good crop this year
31         for the developing relationship between Guilds in Ayr and District Guilds Together and in Bandawe, Malawi
1           for our project partner the United Church of Zambia and all the teenage mums and their children who are being supported by the project
2           giving thanks for those who run foodbanks and other services that support people in need of food, clothes or a warm place to stay
3           for General Secretary, Iain Whyte, as he speaks at Burnside Blairbeth Guild
4           for the developing relationship between Guilds in Dunbartonshire Guilds Together and in Mzuzu, Malawi
5           for protection for all who will spend the night sleeping rough tonight
6           on International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation, pray for friends in Feeds the Minds who work to challenge and change attitudes and behaviour to FGM
Just for fun......
Want to win a Guild goodie bag? This month’s question is which are the 2 furthest apart Guilds? Send your answers to Guild office by 31st January for your chance to win.
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