Preparing for the transition to our new EMR, CORE-Cx360 required a lot of work around completing Life Plans by  Care Coordinators and IDT Members and other Provider staff.  I received several emails from Care Coordinators stating how appreciative they have been for your help in working efficiently to complete the necessary work to have a successful transition and we want to be sure to say THANK YOU!  Your extra efforts have helped create a much desired transition to a new tool that will better support our work of Health Home Care Coordination Services. 


The Consumer Advisory Board receives notice of all incidents involving all Willowbrook Class Members.  Please use these documents as guidance in following the notification process. 
Required Willowbrook Incident Notifications (Revised April 2021) (OPWDD Document)
Guidelines for Willowbrook Residential Notification



Our transition to our new EHR, CORE Cx360, occurred July 1, 2021.  Here are a few important updates for you:
  • The dropdown list for Valued Outcomes (VOs) and Provider Assigned Goals (PAGs) for sections II and III in the Life Plan can be found here.  Please be sure to use this list in the development of the Life Plan, moving forward.  Please be sure to select from the dropdown list.
  • If a Life Plan was initiated in MediSked but finished and finalized in CORE, the Life Plan will be in a pdf format with handwritten changes.   
  • The format of the Life Plan in CORE will be similar to our current format.  A couple changes to note is that the Care Coordinator Supervisor's information is included on the Life Plan, to help improve communication and access to our team members.  Please be sure to reference the LP when looking to connect with a Care Coordinator or Supervisor. 
  • The Acknowledgement and Agreement section for IDT (Interdisciplinary Team Members) is separated from the the Approval section for the person-served/representative and the Care Coordinator. 


Have new information to share about service offerings, openings, vacancies, updates, resources, and events?  Please share this information with our Care Coordination team by clicking the link here.  The Care Coordination team will then view your post on our internal website.   


Have you signed up for the Care Coordination E-visory yet?  Relevant information is shared from OPWDD thru this communication, sign up here.

Care Coordinators Conduct Health Screenings for Adults

What is it? The health screening is an internal Person Centered Services' Health Screening designed to identify health issues (much like at the primary care office) which may need to be addressed.
Why?   Person Centered Services Care Coordination Organization is a health home as well as a care coordination organization.  This tool provides one way to consistently consider the physical and mental health of the people we serve which allows us to plan, support and link the people we serve with the appropriate medical services needed.  The end goal of all of this is to improve the quality of life for the people we serve.  
How?  People over the age of 18, who reside in the community will be asked to complete the General Health Screening during the semi-annual and annual life planning process.  Those 18 and over who reside in a certified setting will be asked to complete the screening at during the semi-annual OR annual life planning process (once/year).  In addition to speaking directly with the person-served, the Care Coordinator may also gather information from a site nurse and site staff.
What? The results of the screening are reviewed by the Clinical Team and anything needing attention is communicated to the Care Coordinator for follow-up, a referral and/or support, etc.     
The next Hot Topic set for August.  "Back to School Post COVID-19: What Has Changed And How To Adapt".  We host a monthly webinar series called "Hot Topics" geared toward individuals and families. Each month focuses on a different topic that affects the people we serve. Please click our website for the most recent information and to register. 
Please forward this newsletter to all who are impacted by this information. Please forward this newsletter to all who are impacted by this information.


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