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Short on time? This email is about resilience and an event created by someone who went through some very tough hurdles. While your hurdles may not look like hers - or mine - we all have them. Please join this exploration of how to build resilience. I’m speaking on Day 3.
Hi there,
Resilience is about many different things, but ultimately it's about energy… 
Developing energy mastery and effectively dealing with EMFs is a cornerstone to energy mastery....because you can't enjoy vibrant health, if you have brain fog, can't think clearly, experience headaches or ringing in your ears or poor sleep… the list is endless. 
And while some people think EMFs are a minor inconvenience (or they’ve never learned how destructive Electromagnetic Fields are because of censorship and propaganda), for a huge percentage of humanity, EMF toxicity can, day by day, ruin your life.
So how do we stop that ruination? 
I am speaking on Day 3 about, “Supporting Your Resilience to EMFs”.
  • Learn about the effects of EMF pollution 
  • Find out how EMFs diminish your resilience
  • Discover powerful strategies for bolstering your resilience  
After her son Max was killed in a tragic car accident, Jodi began a journey that was an observation of what could help her get through each day.
I want to share what she wrote about this and why she created this event. 
“What if the toughest moments of your life did not depend on how prepared you were or your financial savings or your friends or family or doctors? What if recovering from every hurdle you ever faced was about how resilient you are?  Amazingly, scientists have begun to prove - and measure - this very thing - something I discovered after a tragedy in my life. The amazing news is: You CAN LEARN RESILIENCE. Like learning a language or a recipe, resilience is actually an acquired skill. In fact, the #1 key or predictive factor of unlocking success in any health challenge - or trauma - turns out to be RESILIENCE.” ~ Jodi Cohen, best selling author
And it’s not just trauma - or life-ruining illness - you actually need resilience to:
  • Change your diet
  • Improve your sleep
  • Lose weight (and keep it off)
  • Choose to get out of bed in the morning and exercise instead of hitting the snooze button
And perhaps MORE important, a higher capacity for resilience has been shown to help manage emotions, like anger, frustration, impatience, anxiety, grief and depression, which, in turn, helps to neutralize the mental and physical stress response. 
Without resilience, the treadmill sits gathering dust, the vegetables go bad in the fridge and the numbers on the scale continue to move in the wrong direction.  
Or maybe you stay stuck in grief, lost after a house fire, afraid after losing a job… unable to recover from the waves that hit us, often unexpectedly, during our lifetimes.
But with resilience, everything becomes achievable - and manageable.
Please attend this free event, to learn how this tool can be applied to your life.
To your health, 
Lloyd Burrell
Live a naturally healthy life in our electromagnetic world!
P.S. When you register for the Resilience Roadmap Summit and my talk on EMFs on Day 3, you’ll also get VIP access to pre-event interviews, complimentary guides and helpful eBooks about living your most resilient life!
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