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Hi there,
Did you know that a huge percentage of supplements on the market today might actually do more damage than good? Today I’m sharing a powerful documentary, called “Supplements Revealed” that will help YOU to go behind the curtain and learn more.
BILLIONS of dollars are being wasted, and even worse, hundreds of millions of people
are unknowingly causing harm to their bodies.  
(And, if you are using supplements as a “quick fix” to EMF sensitivity, not only will it not work, but it is often a costly distraction from the simple, consistent, changes you MUST make to mitigate your exposures, first and foremost.)
Supplements have their place, definitely - and some can be very beneficial - but nothing can replace reducing exposure to EMFs from dirty electricity, cell phones, wifi (especially at night), and on and on. That is step one. 
BUT we do see EMF causing a literal depletion in some essential vitamins and minerals in the body. And that must be addressed, as part of the larger picture. 
(And supporting the body to reverse the impacts of exposure is an important step.)
First, let me recap some of my recent education for you here: One of the more subtle, long-term complications of EMF exposure is oxidative stress. This occurs when there is an imbalance of free radicals in the body compared to antioxidants. (Free radicals cause cell damage and increase the effects of aging over time.)

Other complications of EMF exposure include an opening of calcium channels (VGCCs) in your cells*. This in turn causes an increased use of magnesium (which is already depleted through leakage), calcium and zinc, leading to depleted levels of these crucial nutrients over time.*

Dr Martin Pall discovered that giving people calcium blockers (prescription drugs to block the calcium channels) EMF damage was radically reduced. But research also shows magnesium acts like a natural calcium channel blocker.  Magnesium is responsible for over 330 biological functions, so  it’s VERY important.
And we know that Turmeric has positive effects on brain function and cardiovascular health - both of which are widely impacted by EMF exposure (especially at night).
Turmeric also interrupts the normal progression of cancer cells, and helps slow aging by slowing your telomeres from shortening. 

Telomeres are found at the end of every chromosome, and they help cells divide. Every time a cell divides, the telomeres get shorter and shorter until they can’t divide anymore. 

I don’t want to go too far down the rabbit hole of what supplements I love and know are valuable - only to make the point that some ARE - and to strongly suggest you watch the documentary to learn more. 

In this documentary, nothing has been left uncovered. All the rumors, the lies, the misinformation, and … the new innovations, the stories of healing... it’s all there. 
When you register, take a moment to watch the trailer... It’s about 2 minutes long, and it’ll give you a great preview of coming attractions.
Supplements revealed trailer
There are over 80,000 KNOWN products on the market right now that are targeted towards helping these and many other ailments that many of us suffer from.
80,000 products! 
How are we supposed to be able to navigate that?
Have you ever wondered…
  • “Am I taking the right supplements for me?”
  • “Am I getting what I pay for?”
  • “Can supplements really replace my prescription medication?”
  • “Is there a better manufacturer or brand that I don’t know about?
  • “Can I get high quality and save money?”
  • “Can I trust the Amazon ratings of supplements?”
  • “How exactly are the supplements I’m taking working in my body?”
  • “Do I need to take all supplements forever -- or can I stop after a time?”
  • “Can I get what I need just from my diet?”
  • “Is the money I spend on supplements paying off?”
  • “Are there supplement marketers that really game the system?”
  • “Can I trust what the marketers tell me?”
First, we are having to traverse a mountain of marketing, misinformation, false advertising, and in many cases outright lies.
Next, you have to figure out which supplement does what. Figuring out the effectiveness and quality of ingredients makes you feel like you need a degree. 
It’s an undertaking, and not a small one.
I have always been passionate about learning the cutting edge information - which is why I bring the experts to my community so often.  
I know from experience that when you’re trying to work all this out by yourself, with so many factors to navigate, it seems almost impossible… almost! 
With a trusted guide you can navigate this brave new world of information and invisible health threats. Thank you for letting me be part of your journey. 
Here’s to your best life and highest health, 
Lloyd Burrell
Live a naturally healthy life in our electromagnetic world!
P.S. If the link above don’t work, just cut and paste this into your browser:

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EMF protection is IMPORTANT
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