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Hi there,

Wrapping up this week, I am so grateful to share several powerful events and opportunities. This is a little longer than usual. Please take your time and go through all of this valuable information, in a step-by-step way, so you don’t miss anything. 
Thank you for sharing today’s newsletter and features with those you love.  Enjoy! 
First, for those families navigating ADHD and Autism, there are several tools to support you today, including a free 15-minute consultation with Brain Harmony Group (who recently won the NBCOT Award for the incredible results they’re getting with children on the spectrum and supporting the elderly who are dealing with cognition issues). Click here to learn more: (These links might only open in Chrome.)
And, for ALL families who are managing more stress than normal during this time, or sorting through anxiety due to ever-increasing EMF connectivity, click here to download “4 Steps to Creating Calm in the Home” 
The truth is that protecting your loved ones - young and old - from the omnipresent threat of EMF toxicity and how it especially impacts the brain - must be an every day TOP priority.  So I want to invite you to join my EMF Solutions Club. 
In it, you get unlimited (immediate) access to a unique audio resource of over 150 solution oriented interviews on EMFs and health, plus a monthly live Q&A where you can get all your EMF questions answered (by me), plus two new interviews (and the transcriptions) with world class experts, researchers and educators every month. 
You will ALSO get a huge gift - The EMF Fast Start Pack (Easy Steps to See a Significant Improvement in Your Health In 30 Days or Less). In this dynamic 4 part BONUS package (previously sold for $197) you’ll learn:
  • The 4 distinct categories of EMF exposures you need to measure and how precisely to measure them so you can maximise your chances of fast relief
  • The number one thing you must understand to effectively deal with EMFs… overlook this and you can spend years wasting your time and slip into chronic illness
  • When and when not to shield from EMF exposures – because shielding can sometimes make matters worse
  • The 5 steps you need to follow to achieve effective whole room shielding and 3 things to consider before buying shielding film
  • The systematic holistic model and ‘secret sauce’ which forms the basis of my unique step by step approach to ‘Ultimate EMF Protection’
  • The 3 detox protocols you need to integrate into your health regime to open the door to some very powerful results – literally overnight in my case
  • The key tool which allows you to create a ‘feedback loop’, tune into the minute changes in your condition and practically guarantee a successful recovery
  • The 3 free and easy subtle energy healing modalities which when used daily can render a massive improvement in your health – I continue to use them every day!
Please click above to learn more and join for only $19.95 per month:

Yes, my talk on the Brain Degeneration Summit is TODAY (the day I am mailing this weekly wrap up). But don’t worry if you open this late - there is an encore weekend where you can still get my talk - coming up on June 19th and 20th.  Click here to get my talk: “EMFs - The Missing Link in Brain Health?
  • Learn how EMFs impact brain health
  • 5G: Should you be concerned?
  • Protecting your brain health
It’s never too late to make changes to optimize your brain health, it’s also never too early, so get started today to live your best life! 

Remember, many causes of cognitive decline are also related to constant exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and are treatable — even potentially curable. And for many struggling with neurodegeneration, protecting yourself and your family is crucial.
In case you need it, here’s the link to join this event. (These links might only open in Chrome.)

Learn about the link between food sensitivities and behavior challenges, symptoms and testing options. EMF protection is important, clearly, but nutrition can turn things around — from despair to hope, from struggle to improved behavior. 
Get the vital information you need to: 
  • Understand how diet and nutrition can improve autism and ADHD 
  • Personalize a special diet that supports health and healing 
  • Navigate past common picky eater issues 
  • Empower kids to get involved in the kitchen
Please pass this event along to those families you know and love who are navigating the spectrum with their kids.  Just knowing events like this are out there can add inspiration - and tools - to their journey. 
Make no mistake, your brain is command central, and when one part of the Brain-Immune-Gut Axis becomes defective, due to toxic load (including EMFs), the other parts start to malfunction. Here’s what that looks like:
* Brain symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, depression, memory loss, anxiety
* Immune symptoms such as autoimmune disease, inflammation, infections
* Gut symptoms such as gas, bloating, heartburn, reflux, IBS
* And more…
Removing these triggers and stabilizing your fuel delivery mechanisms can jumpstart your quality of life and heal your body from the inside out!
I hope you will sign up to attend the upcoming BIG Masterclass, offered at no cost by Dr. Peter Kan. No cost, just priceless information for my community. Don’t miss it!  
This masterclass does a deep dive on immunity and the gut / brain axis and how to reduce inflammation and toxic load.

Click here to attend and share this event:  (These links might only open in Chrome.)
Thank you for your time today. 

Don’t forget to download your 36-PAGE Neurometabolic Gut Repair Program to reduce inflammation, tame food sensitivities, and optimize your brain, immune and gut health!  
This is loaded with powerful new protocols to protect and improve your gut health to optimize your BRAIN health journey. 

Thank you for your time today.  I know there was a lot to cover, but there’s no minimizing how important brain health is - and how, because of neuroplasticity, we can ALWAYS improve our brain.  

To you and your family, 

Lloyd Burrell
Live a naturally healthy life in our electromagnetic world!
EMF protection is IMPORTANT
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