🎁 Happy Holidays! 🎁

Unfortunately during the summer I somehow contracted Covid. I don’t know where or how it happened—I was basically at home for over two years (under house arrest it seems) and wore a mask, distanced myself from others and only made essential visits while constantly washing my hands... The virus took me by surprise and my recovery took time. I felt a different person as this foreign entity took control of my body but thankfully I did recover.

From September through November I taught a watercolor class in Manhattan for retired UFT teachers. It was both hectic and exhilarating passing on my watercolor knowledge to others. I hope I was helpful to my fellow artists.

To sum it up—I’ve been busy. My on-line shop has been up for the past year and has generated lots of sales of tote bags, pillows and mugs, etc. with my original images on them, including two watercolors and nine prints! It pleases me to share the joy and love I have.

Enjoy the Holidays. Be happy and healthy and have a wonderful New Year! Albert

🎉 Albert’s 2022 Holiday Gift Giving Guide:

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