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August 2019
Hedge Clippings: the latest from Blue Mountain Lake
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In this issue: From the General Manager, Staff Profiles, Guideboat History, Crow's Nest, Featured Photo, Suggestion Box
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General Manager Jamie Thomas's Update 

It’s hard to believe we are already well into August at The Hedges. Things are going very well and our guests are enjoying the weather and warm waters of Blue Mountain Lake.

I am very pleased with the efforts of our college students from Romania as well as the two young women from the University of Georgia. They are dedicated to their jobs and work long hours with pleasant attitudes to take care of our guests.

I also would like to recognize the hard work and strong leadership of our managers. Timi Takcs is responsible for scheduling, payroll and finances. Julia Filip manages the dining room while Sue Anderson and Jenn Thul manage the kitchen. Sam Colbert is in charge of maintenance and Jackie King supervises housekeeping. Mary Ann Thomas is responsible for reservations, bill payments and the front desk.

Without these diligent, dedicated people The Hedges would not be the special place we all appreciate and enjoy. We are almost exactly halfway through this season and will do our best in the coming months. As always we look forward to seeing you.

Jamie Thomas

  Jamie Strader and Kim Bennett   
Kylie Anderson     Sam Colbert
2019 Season Staff Profiles

The Hedges employs many people from our local towns and villages, including Jackie King (not pictured).  She is a resident of Indian Lake and is experiencing her first summer working in Housekeeping.  Jackie has enjoyed meeting Hedges guests and her new colleagues this season.  In her spare time, Jackie appreciates spending time with her friends.

Jamie Strader has been greeting guests at meals for six years at The Hedges.  She loves the historic integrity of our Great Camp, as well as the friendly guests she encounters.  Jamie is a native of New Jersey, studied as a college student in North Carolina, and is a Central Adirondacks resident.  Jamie loves the great outdoors.  In fact, she was an Adirondack guide for 20 years, and is always willing to share her extensive knowledge base of the area and the wilderness with guests.

Kim Bennett wins the prize for staff longevity at The Hedges.  This born-and-bred Indian Lake resident is in her 30th year waitressing in our dining room, a span that runs slightly shy of the late Hedges gardener Kathy Gates. Rumor has it that Kim can recite all the words to The Cowsills' 1968 hit "Indian Lake" which, according to, is about our own Adirondack town. 

Chef Jen Thul (not pictured) has been working this season alongside Chef Sue to create several delicious new soups, salads, main dishes, and desserts to compliment the traditional fare campers are so fond of.  Jen has worked at The Hedges for several years, and she is enjoying her new leadership role in the kitchen.  This vivacious, energetic woman enjoys working at The Hedges so much that she is willing to make the hour long drive from her home and family in Minerva several times per week.

Mel Stiffel (not pictured) has worked in many areas of Hedges operations over the years, and she returns this year as our "mixologist."  Thanks to the return of The Hedges liquor license after a brief -but dry- year, Mel is able to pour traditional and beverages such as a delicious Bloody Mary or refreshing gin and tonic, as well as more original elixirs such as her Blue Mountini.  This Long Island native has lived in Indian Lake for many years and is proprietor of Binder's Cabins on Lake Adirondack.

Gregg Thompson (not pictured), another local staff member, works primarily driving staff back and forth from the Indian Lake dorm. He has also been known to pitch in with other tasks when needed, and enjoys the opportunity to meet guests and staff.  Gregg retired from the Navy in 2004 after 20 years of service, and he now enjoys spending his free time with his grandchildren and taking in the gorgeous Adirondack scenery on one of his two motorcycles.

Tupper Lake resident Sam Colbert joins The Hedges Maintenance team for his first year.  He likes the varied nature of his job, tending to the many tasks necessary to keep The Hedges in tip-top condition for the season.  Sam enjoys riding his motorcycle and fishing in his free time.

Kylie Anderson returned to The Hedges for her second year in the dining room.  She hails from Georgia and came to camp with her college friend Frances Smith.  They returned to their home state in early August due to the academic year start, but lasting memories of her friendly smile, engaging personality, and attentive service remain here at camp.
A Dining Room Guideboat History "Lesson"
The Hedges had been fortunate for years to display three beautiful boats in the Benton Dining Room.  A traditional birchbark canoe and two Adirondack guideboats hang from the ceiling, adding to the ambience during meals and offering guests a glimpse at the artistry that goes into building these watercraft.  All three boats are on loan to The Hedges from their generous owners.

Recently, Long Lake nonagenarian Harold "Bunny" Austin paid a visit to camp to view the guideboat built by his grandfather, and to retrieve the boat he personally built some years ago.  The Austin family is legendary in the circle of guideboat  aficionados -Bunny is the fifth of six generations of Austins who have built guideboats.  For many years, Bunny constructed his vessels in Blue Mountain Lake, and he is regarded as an expert in the field by The Adirondack Experience and others.

Each guideboat is handcrafted, traditionally using carefully joined white cedar planks for the sides and spruce roots for the ribs.  Guideboats are rowed rather than paddled, and they are celebrated for their grace on the water, as well as their ability to carry heavy loads that may include a guide, a "sport," camping and hunting gear, and perhaps a trophy deer.

Bunny reports that the guideboat remaining in The Hedges dining room was built by his grandfather for $150, and that he built one boat per week.  Subsequently, Bunny's father built one boat per week at $300s.  By the end of Bunny's career, his hand-built boats fetched prices well above $10,000!

The Austin family is excited to welcome Bunny's boat back home to Long Lake. The Hedges community thanks the Austins for the opportunity to borrow and display the boat for many years.  

If you've never rowed or ridden in a guideboat, check out the Minnow Pond offerings at the Adirondack Experience, new in 2019!

Be on the lookout for a new guideboat on loan from Pat Benton.

Shop at the Crow's Nest

The Crow’s Nest is open for guests and for the public featuring Hedges branded items like these for hot or cold beverages, and a wide variety of items by local and regional artists and craftspeople. Many are nature-themed or authentically Adirondack.

Highlighted items are listed and pictured here!

Featured Photos

Hedge Clippings features a monthly historical image.  This undated image of the dining room shows a very different style than today!  
Travel Advisory

New York State Department of Transportation is undertaking a Pavement Rehabilitation project in Hamilton County covering a 25.4 mile stretch of State Route 28, starting at the Herkimer County and ending in Blue Mountain Lake. Roadside elements include guide rail, drainage, signs, driveway work, intersection work, and snowmobile crossings. A project this extensive will take many months to complete so be aware that there will be delays.
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