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Late July 2019
Hedge Clippings: the latest from Blue Mountain Lake
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In this issue: Staff Profiles, Activities Abound, "Hedgegoers", Crow's Nest, Reservations, Featured Photo, Suggestion Box
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 Photo courtesy of Timothy Ferris                                      Image is featured in the 2020 Hedges Calendar
Clockwise from upper left: Vior Alexei on the way to the town beach, Danny Zagon with Denisa Nyiki, Frances Smith with lulia Filip, Kate Roberts
Staff Profiles...and more to be featured in August!
Kate Roberts can be found saying “good morning” and occasionally “good evening” to Hedges guests in the Benton Dining Room. Kate is a native Adirondacker and works during the academic year as a fifth grade teacher at Indian Lake Central Schools.  She had worked for several summers as a waitress and hostess at the former Potters resort in Blue Mountain Lake.  Kate enjoys spending time with her two children.

Viorel Alexei  harkens from the Republic of Muldova, He is an Economics student back home. He appreciates the opportunity to spend this summer meeting people and experiencing new adventures in the Adirondacks.  Vior lists travel, reading, and playing the guitar among his favorite pastimes.  

Frances Smith works part-time at The Hedges in the dining room.  Returning guests may remember Frances from last summer, but she has been coming to camp since she was a little girl.  Frances hails from Georgia, where she attends university. She is the grand-niece of Pat Benton and granddaughter to Francie Armstrong.  Frances is particularly drawn to the lovely Hedges grounds, and the beautiful local sights have inspired her to draw and paint a series of Adirondack landscapes.

 Left to right: 
Vlad Draganel, Luciana Avram, Claudia Guraliuc, and Viorel Alexei
Vlad Draganel is having a terrific first summer working at The Hedges.  A student of the Japanese language in Romania, he counts listening to music and spending his free time in nature as two of his passions.  Vlad often relaxes by reading a good book in a hammock after a busy day at The Hedges.  He says, “I am having an awesome summer!”

Claudia Guraliuc is part of the Romanian contingent that has become so vital to our staff.  She is proud of her Romanian roots and the many traditions of her country.  Back home, she spends Sunday mornings attending church dressed in traditional costume, a shared experience that includes elders and children alike.  Claudia enjoys the simple pleasures of life:  a cup of tea, a clean house, and reading a good book.
Activities Abound!
Followers of The Hedges on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are seeing regular photos of the many activities occurring this season. Several images and captions are featured here for Hedge Clipping readers.  In addition, a sample of "This Week at The Hedges" can be viewed on the website "Activities" page, and some of the new menu items added to "Dining" page.

This "personal paddle sport launch" from YAKport has been installed and is assisting boat users to launch independently and with confidence!

See this
video to see how it provides a safe and stable cradle for boarding and unloading. Place your paddle sport vessel on it and enjoy a sure footed and stable entry right above water level. Then tug yourself into the water with very little effort. 

Basic instructions are to put a kayak, paddle board or canoe into the "cradle" or "box" with front facing Main Lodge. Get into the boat (with paddles, life jacket, etc.) Hold onto the overhead bar and "scoot" the boat backwards into the water. While it's good to have a little water in the "box", it is not essential for a successful launch. When returning to the dock, reverse instructions using the bar to pull you and your boat out of the water.

Guests are reminded of the upcoming activities with posters on the Benton Dining Room doors!

Jamie Thomas was a secondary school science teacher and a school administrator before returning to his Adirondack roots. How many resort managers can also offer lectures on astronomy?
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Shop at the Crow's Nest

The Crow’s Nest is open for the 2019 season for guests and for the public (9:00 am-6:00 pm). One of the new items is Red Fox Maple Syrup which is also served with breakfast this year! There's a wide variety of items by a number of local and regional artists and craftspeople. Many are nature-themed or authentically Adirondack. Highlighted items are listed and pictured here!

Featured Photos

Hedge Clippings features a monthly historical image.  This vintage postcard shows Hedges Road before neighboring homes were built. If you know more about the original route, let us know.  Thanks! 
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