Hello My Beloved Kin!

It’s Jonah Blechman, your Nefesh kin with that “Yes” sign behind him in our Nefesh Zoom rooms - (Yes! It’s actually me:))

I learned recently from Nefesh leadership that we have a $50,000 budget shortfall this year and Kinship alone doesn’t meet our goal. I want our community to not just continue; I want us to be a thriving, funded, blooming community so I’m volunteering with our Spring Suberbloom Fundraiser to help us get there. Help me pollinate the bloom of our beloved community :) Join me today as I donate $100 bucks to our matching fund - so Nefesh will enjoy $200 because of moi!  How much can you double? We can match up to $25K - thank you new Nefesh Board!

Please let me know if you can donate - it’s even tax-deductible. I also know that we are still in a pandemic and we are a cross-class community that has varying access to resources; we appreciate you as Kin as you are and want to also call in some abundance to fertilize all the incredible learning, advocacy, prayer, connections and community that is our beautiful Nefesh garden. Go now and nourish Nefesh right HERE.

And, don’t forget, the bloom will finally be that epic Nefesh music record we’ve all been waiting for to listen on repeat for generations to come - what a real treasure.  We’re finally making our Record! Hands down, we have the best Jew band this side of the least!  So, a cherished result is assured.

I will be buzzing in your inbox or perhaps enroll fellow bee-ings to bell your cell with an actual telephone call - remember those!  Yes, we will. There is a good swarm of us, so any contribution will make a difference, and get you off our buzzing list - send a brief note to let us know if you can contribute or don’t have capacity right now.

Please know, I’m grateful for your buzzing around Nefesh and bee-ing a part of this blossoming community.  A blessing to continue growing with you.

Ever Warmly and not a Bug,

PS a video from our Executive Director's son:

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